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The Visitor by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! The Visitor by Wayne Mansfield

There was a lot about the COVID-19 virus that wasn’t understood. For the health of the general population, being put on lockdown was completely understandable. But knowing the reason and even agreeing with it doesn’t make it any easier to endure.

Clay is beginning to feel the mental strain of being at home all the time. He is sick of his furniture, sick of his books, and sick of everything else in his bubble world. That’s the reason he sneaks out to go for nocturnal walks around the neighbourhood. And he isn’t the only one. One evening, he begins to regret he ever left the house.

As walks past an abandoned wreck of a building in a very unsavoury part of town at night, he gets a sense he is no longer alone. He picks up the pace and hurries away, but no matter what he does, he can’t shake the feeling someone, or something, is following him. He calls out into the darkness and immediately regrets it. Rather than knowing if anyone is there, he’d much rather know if he’s going to make it home or not.


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Ugly by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! Ugly by Wayne Mansfield

Ian feels he has not been blessed with good looks, and his treatment from others lends weight to these beliefs. From a child, where he is teased about his big nose, to his twenties, where his best friend, the handsome Zack, seems to get all the attention, Ian is made to feel inferior. The resulting insecurity means he won’t look in a mirror unless absolutely essential.

Then one night at Zenith, the local gay club, he locks eyes with Brad. He likes what he sees, but so does Zack. As Zack approaches Brad, Ian’s heart sinks. However, there is a small chance Brad will tell Zack to take a hike.

Is Ian’s life about to change for the better? Will he finally get a chance at love? Or will his so-called best friend Zack ruin everything? Could Zack really be that cruel?


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When You Least Expect It by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! When You Least Expect It by Wayne Mansfield

At thirty-nine, Dane has begun to think that life holds no surprises for him. His last relationship was twelve years ago and, apart from a couple of flings, there has been no one special in his life for so long, he has given up even thinking about meeting anyone. His work keeps him busy and he’s used to going on holidays by himself or with friends. He hasn’t really missed having someone to love, and to love him back. Although sometimes …

One day, he’s cleaning the sliding door when he notices movement in the villa next to his. It’s his new neighbour. His handsome new neighbour. He pretends he isn’t watching the hot, semi-naked man. Later when he bumps into the man, Tassos, he’s invited in for a juice. Who is this man?


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The Twin Moons of Tansa by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! The Twin Moons of Tansa by Wayne Mansfield

In the not too distant future, the world is a far different place. Human rights are non-existent. For those who disobey the many laws, the punishments are severe. Especially for those who practice manlove — the crime of desiring another of the same sex.

In a desperate attempt to flee the guards pursuing him, Taar runs into the slums of New Melbourne. As the voices of his pursuers grow louder in his ears, he is suddenly pulled into a disused service entrance. A homeless man guides him to the back of the darkened space, shushing him, and Taar couldn’t be more grateful. Yet his relief is short-lived as the man begins shouting to attract the guards’ attention.

When Taar is finally captured, the homeless man asks about the reward. As Taar is escorted to an awaiting police vehicle, the homeless man is told there will be no reward, though that brings Taar no satisfaction at all. He knows the penalty for his crime is exile. Never again will he see his mother nor his lover to explain to them, to say sorry or goodbye.

He will be a member of the first prison group to be abandoned on the newly discovered planet, Tansa. Even if he survives the space shuttle journey, what will become of him in the unexplored wilderness of Tansa? How will he survive? More importantly, will the handsome Bror, a fellow exile, be there for him the way he would like him to be?


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Forgetting by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! Forgetting by Wayne Mansfield

The test of any relationship is whether someone will stick around when times get tough.

Mark has middle-level Alzheimer’s. There are long periods of time he cannot account for. Often he can’t remember the names of everyday objects, or even of people. This is both unsettling and irritating. He spends a good deal of his time in a comfortable armchair by the window, looking out at the back yard.

But there is a man in the house with him. Mark doesn’t feel threatened by his presence. Just perplexed. Who is he? What is he doing there? All Mark knows is that he is handsome and has the most beautiful blue eyes he has ever seen. There are moments when he thinks he remembers who the man is, but as time marches on and the disease ravages his brain, he becomes less and less sure.

Perhaps it isn’t even a man.


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