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Searching for Solid Ground by Valerie Mores

OUT NOW! Searching for Solid Ground by Valerie Mores

Quinn is in love with a very much taken Skylar. But after finding Skylar bleeding and unresponsive at the hands of his boyfriend, Quinn is sure the world is playing a cruel joke. Recovery is long and hard, but Quinn is determined to be supportive and caring for Skylar. He just wants the chance to show Skylar there is still hope for him, that someone cares and loves him. And Quinn will be there for Skylar, whatever he needs, even if it’s just a hand to hold.

Skylar isn’t prepared for his whole life to crash down around his ears. The lies he told, the dark secrets he kept, the shithole his life had become. Now everything is out in the open and Skylar isn’t coping well. Quinn is the only reason he hasn’t completely shattered, guiding, helping, and caring for him in ways he had never expected or thought possible.

But with more and more secrets being revealed, can they navigate the shattered remains of Skylar’s life and, together, build something new?


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