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14 Hours and 23 Minutes by Tom Munroe

OUT NOW! 14 Hours and 23 Minutes by Tom Munroe

In search of a man to share his life, Miguel decides to try looking online on several websites, with little success. Just as he is about to give up, he suddenly connects with Shamus. It seems too good to be true. He and the attractive young man soon form a bond, and Shamus quickly declares his love for Miguel. Completely taken aback, Miguel finds he can’t resist, and the two begin talking about a life together.

But those plans are soon interrupted when Shamus tells Miguel he is being deployed to Afghanistan. He promises he will return shortly and they will then be together. But as he continues to communicate with Shamus while he is overseas, Miguel becomes suspicious he is being used when Shamus begins to ask him for money. He tells himself the man he loves would never do this to him, but the nagging doubt continues to grow until it is impossible to ignore.

Will the two men ever finally meet and share a life together? Or is it all just a scam?


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High Water Mark by Tom Munroe

OUT NOW! High Water Mark by Tom Munroe

Dominic, an EMT from Michigan, travels to Italy to discover his heritage. But after visiting the small town where his great grandparents lived, he finds so much more. The historical treasures of Rome. The priceless artwork of Florence. And then on to Venice to explore the city billed as “Disneyland for Adults.”

But the city is battling a historic flood, altering his plans and setting him on a course he never could have imagined, a path that intersects with the lives of three others. Sandro, a handsome Italian actor, appears to be the man of his dreams. As they walk the flooded city, they meet the charming Maria and her energetic young son Massimo. A near tragedy soon binds their lives together forever as Venice tries to defend itself against encroaching waters.

Dominic vows to return to his lover in a few months. But February of 2020 proves to be a bad time for a reunion. Can these two men overcome a flood, a tragedy, and the perils of a pandemic to have a life together? Will their love survive until life someday returns to normal?


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Guest post by Tom Munroe

Where do you get the ideas for your stories?

They come from a variety of sources. My first book, Not On My Bucket List, was based on an online conversation with someone in another country that got me thinking, “What if?” My third book, I Love You Ten Million Times Over, actually came to me in a dream.

And the exotic locations for your stories? Have you visited them?

Yes. I want my readers to be taken on a certain amount of fantasy, setting my books in locales, sometimes exotic, that they may not have visited. I also hope that in this way they will learn about people in other countries, how they live, how they think.

And you also seem to set your books against current events.

Definitely. They may be fiction, but I want them to have a relevance to today, to events we may still be dealing with.

Immigrants and immigrant’s rights seems to be a recurring theme with you.

Absolutely. I am never shy about reminding people that we are a nation of immigrants.

What do you want readers to take away from your books, remember about them?

That love can be found anywhere. It crosses international borders, different cultures. And that there is an absolute worth to every individual.

Here is an excerpt from the book I am currently working on, High Water Mark, set amid the historic floods in Venice in 2019.

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I Love You Ten Million Times Over by Tom Munroe

OUT NOW! I Love You Ten Million Times Over by Tom Munroe

Arielle works for French immigration in Paris and has a reputation for a cold heart. She likes to entertain herself with the younger guys and never considers developing a relationship with a man. When she meets a wealthy and sexy middle-aged man who offers to give her everything, she finds the idea attractive but simply can’t commit.

On vacation in Spain, she meets a desperate young Moroccan whose work visa is about to expire. Against her better judgement, she gives him advice, then help. But when she returns to Paris, she finds she has set a chain of events in motion that quickly spirals out of control. The young man’s feelings of inadequacy lead to jealousy, gambling, and a chance meeting with a mystery man, completely changing the course of his life.


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Nine Days in Provincetown by Tom Munroe

OUT NOW! Nine Days in Provincetown by Tom Munroe

Dean, a struggling financial analyst from New York City, embarks on a vacation to Cape Cod to get away from the daily grind. Right from the start, the vacation seems to be a disappointment. At first he doesn’t meet anybody interesting, and then, to make matters worse, the wrong kind of person. When a group of guys invite him to join them at a local bar, Dean’s luck — and possibly his future — changes immediately.

Dynamic Marco, a travel planner from Boston, doesn’t take no for an answer. With his charming Italian looks and compelling character, he pursues Dean and quickly wins him over. They spend the rest of Dean’s vacation together, but Marco wants more.

Too soon, Dean’s vacation comes to an end. Both Dean and Marco are determined to continue their dalliance, but the odds are stacked against them, and they are left with all the challenges of a long-distance romance.

As both men are equally committed to their jobs, will they be able to overcome the distance and differences separating them, especially when Dean starts to have doubts about Marco’s carefree lifestyle? Do they have a future together?


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