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The Two of Us by Thomas Grant Bruso

OUT NOW! The Two of Us by Thomas Grant Bruso

Cody Whitley teaches creative writing at Brockton State College in upstate New York. As he struggles to keep a few unruly students from failing, a larger dilemma hits close to home.

His father Henry is in the last stages of his life, dying of liver cancer. Cody visits him everyday in the hospital, bringing him tea from the cafeteria and sitting by his hospital bed, sketching him in his notebook and watching the man he admired as a child slowly deteriorating. Having watched his mother die a few years ago, Cody is in a state of worry and flux, wondering how he will go on after he loses his father.

When he receives a text message from a handsome man named Liam he met on a dating app, Cody realizes there is still hope for happiness and a promising future. Amidst the turmoil, Cody accepts Liam’s offer to meet him for lunch the next day. Not everything goes as planned, but Cody learns that he is not the only one going through hard times.

Will Cody allow the death of his father to alter his chances of finding lasting friendship with a complete stranger? Or will both men find comfort and romance in each other’s painful pasts?


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The Unbroken Circle by Thomas Grant Bruso

OUT NOW! The Unbroken Circle by Thomas Grant Bruso

Sequel to Jay Bird

A month away from his high school graduation, Jay Kirkman must confront his doubts about the future. The recent death of his Grams, the feisty and funny grandparent he had counted on for wisdom and support, has taken a toll on him. Breaking away from his overbearing parents, especially his strict disciplinarian mother, is proving difficult.

Struggling to say goodbye to the people he loves, Jay has to decide if he wants to move away to attend college at the end of the summer. He’s nervous about leaving the only place he has ever known to set out on a new journey toward self-discovery and adulthood.

But departing from the tight-knit community of Milton means Jay will have to desert his best friend Rocco. Dealing with his own family problems, Rocco reaches out to male strangers for emotional support and comfort, but a handful of one-night stands and physical assaults leave him hurt and vulnerable.

Will Rocco’s life-and-death circumstances alter Jay’s plans? Or will Jay leave his friends and community behind and never to look back?


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Guest post by Thomas Grant Bruso

The Meditation of Writing

My first venture into book publishing happened on October 5, 2014. My romance short story, A Light in the Dark, was accepted by LGBT publisher JMS Books. Unbeknownst to me, over the next three years, that single story would find a new life with readers and be shaped into a trilogy series.

Skip to three years later, and I am still writing and publishing for JMS Books. I’ve watched my growth as a writer develop gradually, interestingly over the years, trying to top myself, and work harder on the next story, or to experiment with syntax, narrative, and structure — all the important elements for a writer.

Words on a page have always fascinated me. Reading and writing are a lot like breathing and eating and sleeping. Writing is a survival mechanism for the mind and body. Writing is my therapy, even among the most difficult days when I’m sitting in front of a blank screen, uncertain how the day’s work will turn out or if I’ll be able to write anything at all. Writing challenges me, brings me joy, angers me. But I need it.

In 2018, I wrote a novella called Jay Bird about two young men, Jay and Rocco, and followed them through their high school adolescence, the ups and downs of their tough teenage years, and watched as they struggled with every aspect of their lives from friendship, sexuality, and self-acceptance. Now, in 2020, I continue their story with a sequel called The Unbroken Circle, which will be published August 2020 by JMS Books.

Since childhood, I’ve turned to books for support, courage, faith, entertainment, self-help. All those words: they enlighten, educate, engage. Words and books are a powerful booster for self-expression. Entitlement. A writer’s healthy morale.

At the end of the day, I know I am lucky to be able to do what I do. I do not take any of it for granted, the writing, or when a story is accepted for publication. It is all fleeting: here today, forgotten tomorrow.

Enjoy the journey, somebody once told me. Don’t take it seriously. Accept rejections as a stepping stone to the next best thing. Work hard. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it. If you want to be a writer, then do it. Write. Don’t wait for the literally muse to tap you on the shoulder.

Keep at it. Do not give up.

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Past Sins by Thomas Grant Bruso

OUT NOW! Past Sins by Thomas Grant Bruso

Officer Jack Ballinger receives a phone call from the chief of police in the early morning hours regarding a dead body at an apartment building in a quiet neighborhood in the small upstate New York town of Black Falls. A female student lies in a pentagram outlined in her own blood, clutching a rosary. Ballinger and his former partner Officer Cory Ryan interview tenants in the building about the girl’s death, but are met with more questions than answers.

When another body is found in the same apartment building a few hours later, Jack knows something is wrong. As he ciphers through a patchwork of unexplainable clues, the investigation detours when Ryan disappears from the case and cannot be found.

With his future as an officer in question, will Ballinger be able to deal with the truth of these crimes once he discovers everything he thought he knew was a lie?


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Just the Facts Volume 1

OUT NOW! Just the Facts Volume 1

JMS Books’ Trios are themed collections of three gay romance stories by a trio of authors. Each story is available separately, but readers can get all three for a discounted bundle price.

Just the Facts Volume 1 contains three thrilling mysteries sure to keep you up late turning the pages to see what happens next! Contains the stories:

Murder in the Condo Next Door by Edward Kendrick: When a crazy woman moves in next door to Michael he isn’t happy. Then she’s murdered and he has to deal with a detective’s suspicions and nosy reporter Reid, who tries to interview Michael and fails. Then Michael finally opens up about the murder … and his past. Attraction blossoms as they try to find the killer, but will Michael die, too, before they can act on their feelings?

Past Sins by Thomas Grant Bruso: Officer Jack Ballinger receives a phone call in the early morning hours regarding a dead body in a quiet neighborhood in the small upstate New York town of Black Falls. The revelation is shocking, and with his future as a police officer in question, how will Officer Ballinger deal with the truth of these crimes once he learns that everything he thought he knew was a lie?

Sudden Death by W.S. Long: Peruvian-Japanese pro golfer Dimas Kanashiro should have been celebrating his first major golf tournament win. Instead, the suspicious death of his boyfriend’s stepfather places Dimas’ boyfriend, Hunter Mullins, under suspicion. It’s now up to Dimas to help Hunter find out how his stepfather died and, if he was murdered, who killed him in order to clear Hunter’s name.


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