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Guest post by S. Park

They say to write what you know. I never wanted to write about my life, though. My mother was always trying to get me to read her favorite true-life stories and “realistic” dramas, but why would I want to read about people who live through everyday things? Why would I want to write about the boring, mundane life I was already living? I read books as an escape, and I write for more of the same. If I want reality, it’s all around me, and it’s often not all that much fun.

So I wrote — and still write! — stories about werewolves, vampires, magical dragon queens, and other things far, far removed from the stress and the dullness of my everyday life.

Reality, though, kept creeping in. Characters were inspired by real people I knew. Real events informed the way werewolves or vampires interacted. The first time I wrote about heartbreak was after my own first breakup. It didn’t really matter that the fictional character feeling the pain was a lost dragon princess, the heartbreak was my own.

The best stories, it turns out, are ones with little bits of reality injected into them, and the best characters are fundamentally human, even when they have fur or fangs or scales.

Life sometimes imitates fiction, though, just as much as good fiction imitates life.

I’d been writing stories of happy gay men together for years and years before I realized they had anything to do with me. I was in a wonderful relationship with a man who is now my husband, but I myself was obviously a woman. My books were all published under “Stephanie Park,” after all, the name I’d gone by all my life. And yet somehow I could never get into the head of a female protagonist in quite the same way, no matter how I tried. All my favorite self-insert characters kept being men. How strange!

It took years, but eventually the truth dawned on me. It took years more to be comfortable with admitting to it in public, but eventually I channeled at least some of my new understanding into my stories, including into Three of Hearts, whose protagonist, Noah, is a trans man.

Cutting ties with “Stephanie” has been hard, especially given that all my publicity, and all my published books and stories so far were under that name! Though of course some of the more personal parts of this journey have been even harder.

I’m publishing now as S. Park, though, and amusing myself by insisting people pronounce it “spark.” As I continue to write, I continue to find ways in which my real life fits into my escapist fantasies, and ways in which my fantasies come around again to my life. It’s been quite a journey, and I’m sure there’s still a long ways to go!

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Three of Hearts by Stephanie Park

OUT NOW! Three of Hearts by Stephanie Park

Noah likes people watching, so when he notices a cute gay couple who don’t seem to have a reflection, he’s fascinated. They can’t actually be vampires, can they?

As he learns more about the enthralling pair, he soon discovers his wild suspicion is more than correct. But Noah is hiding a secret of his own, and how could two men from decades or even centuries in the past possibly care, possibly understand, when they discover Noah wasn’t always Noah?

That first hurdle is only the beginning, though. But Jack and Gabe are immortal vampires, so it’s hardly surprising Noah isn’t the only one who has a troublesome past.


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The Sacrifice by Stephanie Park

OUT NOW! The Sacrifice by Stephanie Park

For years now the harvest has been less than it should be. Last year the people of Oisin’s village sacrificed a goat, but their god did not come. Now, in desperation, a human sacrifice has been suggested, and Oisin, recently orphaned and feeling life is not worth living, volunteers.

But the god Belinos is not quite what he seems, and Oisin’s sacrifice will not be what he expects, for Belinos first came out of the darkness to drink the sacrificial blood not because he was a god, but because he was a vampire.

This is just the beginning of the changes to Oisin’s life, as he is drawn further and further into a world of gods and magic, where the most unexpected thing is not even his own blossoming talent, but the blossoming feelings he has for Belinos.

Love between mortal and immortal is not without its difficulties, though. As outright war among the gods threatens, Oisin will end up making a far greater difference in the conflict than he could ever have dreamed possible.


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Stallion Assassin by Stephanie Park

Stallion Assassin by Stephanie Park is now available!

The bastard Valde Fitzroy has but one purpose in life: to serve his unacknowledged father, Lord Royan, by slaying his enemies. He has performed this duty for many years, amid the endless intrigues of the were-horse clans.

Yet when Lord Royan dies, Valde is left without purpose. He finds himself following his last target, Raneld Orley, the youngest son of the new king. He doesn’t understand why, nor does he understand why he alternately rages against and is drawn to the oh-so-perfect prince. But as his fate begins to unfold, the curse that drives him becomes clear.

Fate may twist in strange ways, though. So what happens when a cursed assassin comes to lust after — and love — his intended target?


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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme by Stephanie Park

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme by Stephanie Park is now available!

Fionn is content enough in his life as one of the Queen’s Own, adventurers who go forth to save the kingdom from evil. Johnathan is content enough being a farmer, working the land on the small farm where his family has lived for generations.

When these two meet, they feel an almost instant attraction. Yet Johnathan knows that an elite warrior like Fionn couldn’t possibly want to settle down on the farm and make a life with him.

Can Fionn perform the seemingly impossible task of convincing Johnathan his fears are wrong?


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