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Snowed In Anthology edited by J.M. Snyder

OUT NOW! Snowed In Anthology edited by J.M. Snyder

JMS Books brought you smoldering tales that threatened to melt the snow and ice. Whether it was first crushes, fleeting affairs, or longtime romances, the stories in our Snowed In multi-author series featured characters trapped together during a snowstorm who are finally able to give into what they want most — each other.

This anthology combines the six best-selling titles in the series. With stories by J.V. Speyer, Jessie Pinkham, K.L. Noone, Shawn Lane, Kris T. Bethke, and Sarah Hadley Brook, these tales of M/M romance and erotic romance will keep you warm all winter long!

Contains the stories: Ross and Ashton by J.V. Speyer, Jude and Cal by Jessie Pinkham, Kit and Harry by K.L. Noone, Sam and Lincoln by Shawn Lane, Jonah and Cooper by Kris T. Bethke, and Shawn and Logan by Sarah Hadley Brook.


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Guest post by Sarah Hadley Brook

Writing Through the Chaos

If there’s a word to describe the first half of 2020, it’s chaos. Depressing, scary, frustrating, also spring to mind, but I’ve begun personally referring to this period as “Life in Chaos.”

I’m usually a glass half-full kind of gal, but it’s been a daily struggle to find that optimistic outlook. Of course, that inevitably leads to setting aside the writing. I know a lot of great authors wrote masterpieces during times of great sadness, but I’m a “happily-ever-after” writer. I love to write about soul-mates, true love, and finding your forever!

But when I stopped writing, giving in to everything, I found that only made things worse. What happens when we give up something we love? Well, I found out I felt like a part of me was missing! And then, as I began writing again — just a little bit every day — I realized my outlook was changing. I was seeing things in a different light.

Yes, there was chaos swirling around us, but there was also hope. In the middle of a pandemic, we’re seeing people march for change — demanding our country do better. We get knocked down, but humanity certainly gets back up!

2020 still has a long way to go, and I expect there will be a lot more dips, but I’m no longer going to hide from it. I’ve got a laptop, free time, and lots of pent-up creative energy — and three stories to finish. Chaos be damned!

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The Twisted Oak by Sarah Hadley Brook

OUT NOW! The Twisted Oak by Sarah Hadley Brook

Wade Dwyer’s life is turned upside down when his father dies and he learns he must marry or he and his siblings will lose the ranch. One last jab of the knife from his father. On top of that, his father’s only friend knows about the stipulation and is determined to own the property by any means necessary.

He’s facing the very real possibility of being the reason his family loses their home when his brother’s best friend, Lance Matthews, offers to walk down the aisle with him. A faux marriage to the man he’s loved for years is a torture he isn’t sure he can endure.

Can he keep the ranch … and the man of his dreams, too?


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Matthew’s Present by Sarah Hadley Brook

OUT NOW! Matthew’s Present by Sarah Hadley Brook

Christmas is around the corner and Matthew Blick is not looking forward to spending another holiday alone. His five-year-old niece, Hannah, loves her uncle so much, she asks the department store Santa to bring her uncle someone to love.

When Santa shows up at Matthew’s house, he doesn’t recognize him. As memories of his first kiss rush back, he’s shocked to find the man he hasn’t been able to get out of his mind since high school. Can a kiss change the way Matthew feels about Christmas?


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Studying the Teacher by Sarah Hadley Brook

OUT NOW! Studying the Teacher by Sarah Hadley Brook

Without a supportive family when he was a teenager, Charlie’s Tourette syndrome and anxiety had become too overwhelming and he ended up dropping out of school. He always promised himself he’d earn his GED before he turned thirty, and now he’s running out of time.

With only four months to go, he gathers his courage and enrolls in a night class for adults. He knows it isn’t going to be easy, but he certainly didn’t expect to fall for his teacher.

Owen Talbot is everything Charlie’s looking for, but he needs to focus on passing the test, not studying the teacher, no matter how much he wants the man. When Owen offers Charlie a personal tutoring session, he isn’t sure it’s a good idea but he takes the teacher up on the offer, anyway. Spending one-on-one time with his sexy teacher won’t be a problem, right?


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