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Lift Me Up by Ray Hatch

OUT NOW! Lift Me Up by Ray Hatch

Alec Bishop never expected the pandemic to bring a Romanesque god swinging into his life. His lockdown days blurred together into the coding of his computer screen and fending off attacks on his beloved balcony plants by a slightly psychotic pigeon.

When twist of fate — and rope — brings gorgeous circus performer Nico Franzetti into his life, Alec must battle his fears to grab hold of love and not let go.


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Dream of Me by Ray Hatch

OUT NOW! Dream of Me by Ray Hatch

Daniel Trace dreams of days to come — literally. Ever since he can remember, Daniel gathers hints and snippets of the upcoming day through his dreams. Of course, the dreams are never straight forward (and neither is Daniel), so the shy, rare book dealer spends his nights pulling together clues under the guise of a Medieval warrior or an ancient Greek fire fighter. Surrounded by an eclectic group of family and friends, he carves a refuge in his Chicago neighborhood.

Daniel’s latest dreams warn of the return of an old nemesis, but nothing prepares him for Karden Templeton, a man with eyes the color of chocolate as it melts on the tongue. Along with unending flirtations, Karden offers Daniel a proposal that will turn his orderly world upside down and ignite long-forgotten desires.

Will surrendering to Karden’s flirtations place Daniel at the mercy of an old love? Can Daniel learn to accept his gifts, and trust his awakening feelings for Karden?


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