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The Nicest Gangster by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! The Nicest Gangster by Rafe Jadison

Joshua Hansen doesn’t believe in anything, except maybe the romance novels he reads about gorgeous men falling deeply in love. So when his small town’s interfaith council approaches him to ask if they can hold a weeks-long bake sale outside his convenience store for a fundraiser, Joshua isn’t sure what to say. Feeling his apprehension, the council offers him a bribe: they’ll bring him free baked goods, and pray in a wide variety of ways to get him a guy like the one on the covers of his books.

Although Joshua isn’t one to believe in miracles, and has no interest in carbs, he does want to help those in need in his town, so he accepts their offer. Still, he’s not holding his breath for them finding his Mr. Right in this small Virginia town. After all, he’s spent years looking for the right guy. What are the chances the council can find him a man in less than a month?

On a snowy Christmas Eve, when he has just about given up all hope, Joshua might need to eat his words, and some rather amazing pasta. When Giorgio Vincenni storms into the store, Joshua wonders if maybe the council’s prayers have been heard. Abrasive, well-dressed, and full of attitude, Giorgio looks just like one of those gorgeous mafia men on the cover of the books he loves. Joshua soon finds himself in a confrontation with Giorgio that holds so much sexual tension, they find it leads to something else. Now looking closely at Giorgio, Joshua must ask himself, is this really the type of guy he wants?


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Reap This Three: Getting Back Mine by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Reap This Three: Getting Back Mine by Rafe Jadison

Seamus O’Donnell has waited forever for Mine, the reaper who has saved his life on more than one occasion. At least that’s what his coven tells him.

On a crisp Samhain morning when his coven sends him back in time to get this man he loves so much, Seamus soon finds himself in the middle of witch trials in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and bloody wars in a time before civilization.

As he battles eons of pain and lifetimes of loss, Seamus must ask himself will if love find a way to break the curse that has kept him and Mine apart for too many lifetimes, or will he lose Mine forever?


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Treated by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Treated by Rafe Jadison

Dyo Hollingsworth’s grandmother Olympia is pushy and likes to meddle, especially in Dyo’s dating life. She really gets bad every year at their Samhain dinner when she tries to fix him up with man after man, or channels deceased ancestors who want to nag Dyo about his marital status.

When Dyo meets Steven, the chauffeur who is supposed to drive him to the airport, Dyo not only finds himself instantly attracted to Steven, but may also just find a chance to surprise his grandmother by bringing his own date to Samhain.


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Reap This Too by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Reap This Too by Rafe Jadison

Unlike his parents and his twin Seamus, Ian O’Donnell is not a good witch. Or rather, he isn’t quite good at it. Studying charts and remembering candles hasn’t ever really been his thing. Still, he longs to see the mystical sites of the world, especially the Great Pyramids of Giza. When Ian finally reaches them, though, he finds himself more attracted to the sexy man who works the night shift at his hotel than he does the pyramids.

Ian’s able to convince Khnurn to take him to the desert for a romantic evening in front of the pyramids. Everything’s going great until Khnurn gets serious. He tells Ian he’s a vampire and they’ve known each other before. Unfortunately, Ian can’t recall ever having been in a serious relationship in this life, or any other, and he isn’t quite sure Khnurn isn’t just feeding him pick-up lines. When Khnurn leaves Ian alone to think about things, another man appears in Ian’s life, a crazy-looking spectre that might just be the Angel of Death.

Ian soon finds himself hightailing it back to Massachusetts just in time for Halloween with his wonderfully animated witch family and their coven. Unfortunately, it isn’t souvenirs Ian’s brought back with him, but rather the creepy spectre from the desert, and maybe a sexy vampire who might just be the love of his life.


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The Divorceary by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! The Divorceary by Rafe Jadison

Jason lives a comfortable life. His business is successful. Both his children have wonderful futures ahead, and people think he’s pretty neat. There is just one thing Jason wishes he could get rid of — his ex. When they meet for coffee, however, Jason realizes that after ten years, he wants Howard back. Luckily, Jason has a plan.

For Howard, his life is as good as it gets. He’s raised two great children, and helped his ex build a business that provides Howard palimony. Unfortunately, his ex is also the ultimate Zen-wrecker, and no amount of deep breathing can get him out of Howard’s head.

When Jason shows up broke and with a hair-brained scheme to get Howard back in his life, under the guise of celebrating the tenth anniversary of their divorce, Howard isn’t sure if he’s being insulted or wooed. But he reluctantly agrees to go back to work at the company, and to allow Jason to move back home.

Can ten years heal old wounds? Have Jason and Howard ever stopped loving each other, or should they call it a day and just celebrate their “divorce-ary?” And in the end, who will be the real trickster — Jason, Howard, or that marvel we call love?


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