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Mr. Single by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Mr. Single by R.W. Clinger

Realtor Tanner Comb isn’t pleased when he locks himself out of his flat in downtown Pittsburgh after a long Friday at work. It gets better, though, when big, brawny Mag of Magnum Locks arrives to help him unlock his door.

Not only is Mag gorgeous, he has a sense of humor, lightening Tanner’s cranky mood. When the door is open, Tanner invites him in for a drink. The two men enjoy a beer together, plus Chinese take-out and some smooth conversation.

Tanner is a Mr. Single; someone without a boyfriend, and learns Mag doesn’t have one. But something feels right about Mag, unlike the other guys Tanner’s been attracted to. Is he the right man to remove the label of Mr. Single from Tanner’s current dating life?


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The Pool Boy by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! The Pool Boy by R.W. Clinger

Because his pool is untended and filthy, romance author Robert Fine needs to hire a pool boy for the summertime position at his estate. So at the beginning of summer, he places an ad for a pool boy to hire.

Enter Kent Tacoma, an ex-Navy stud, handsome, who lands an interview. Almost immediately Robert enjoys his company and himself, hiring Kent on the spot.

As Tacoma tends the pool, Robert cannot keep his hungry eyes off the young man. All he can think about is his desire. Unfortunately, Tacoma starts to break Robert’s house rules with a local bad boy named Katz Strong, Tacoma’s opposite.

Soon a jealous Robert is convinced Tacoma is under Katz’s bad influence. As Tacoma pulls away from Robert and grows closer to Katz. Robert finds his rage building. Can’t the three men just get along?

As summer comes to a close, Tacoma becomes the center of everyone’s attention. Whose heart will survive the heated summer?


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Tempted by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Tempted by R.W. Clinger

English teacher Dwayne Jewel might be in quarantine due to COVID-19 for the next six weeks, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to ogle the German beefster, Benz Hartzig, across the hall in apartment 3-C.

There’s just one problem, though — Benz doesn’t even look at Dwayne. Not even for a second.

But life changes when COVID-19 rules the world. Benz starts to take an interest in Dwayne, especially when he learns Dwayne’s a big mystery reader. Then Dwayne receives Tempted, a gay erotic tale Benz wants to borrow. Will Benz enjoy the read? If so, does Dwayne have a shot with the stud?


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The Men of Northshire Inn by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! The Men of Northshire Inn by R.W. Clinger

Strange events are heavy on Barker Christian’s mind this summer at Northshire Inn along Lake Erie. Although the inn feels sleepy, romantic, and hidden, innkeeper Barker knows all its annoying in and outs, and supernatural and grating secrets.

Barker’s very much aware of the drug use that occurs in room 202, and there are disturbing ghosts in room 112 that haunt the paying guests. Nor can he forget about Radcliff Roberts, the famous horror writer in room 210, who is up to something naughty during the evening hours. Two other strange events occur: Matty Lavender, lead singer of The Thorns, is missing; and a watercolor artist appears on the opposite side of the pond that some guests can see and others can’t.

Barker stays grounded by his interest in Cal Pipp, the inn’s maintenance man. Cal is breathtaking, easy on the eyes, and someone Barker’s heart desires. Only problem is Cal doesn’t know Barker likes him.

Until summer heats up, ghosts materialize, and a different side of Cal appears …


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Keeping Up with the Icicles by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Keeping Up with the Icicles by R.W. Clinger

Another year has passed for the Icicle family. Again, Jonah and his boyfriend Sandy travel to Lake Erie to spend Christmas with Jonah’s family. Brother-in-law Bobo needs rescuing from the mall from an angry Santa. Sister Willa is dog-sitting a problematic Reginald. And Bill, the patriarch, continues to hide from his family. As for Jonah’s pushy mother Pam, she has a special Christmas gift for him this year: Jonah’s ex-boyfriend, NFL quarterback Ricky, is in town and will be spending the holidays with them!

During this three-day trip, Sandy and Ricky learn to despise each other, and Jonah struggles to have a festive Christmas. If Pam has her way, though, Jonah will dump Sandy and marry the quarterback. As his Christmas spirit dwindles, Jonah finds himself torn between the two men. Which boyfriend will it be, new or old?


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