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Wintercrest Canyon by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Wintercrest Canyon by R.W. Clinger

The time has come again: a small group of friends are invited to meet at a cabin in Wintercrest Canyon for a three-day weekend just before Christmas. This year might be a bit tricky attending since a blizzard takes over all of northwestern Pennsylvania, and unfortunately, most of the guests won’t end up at the canyon, let alone out of the city.

Scott Harker, a chattering gossip columnist, never misses the Wintercrest Canyon event. Especially this year, since sexy pro skier Booth Cartwell will be at the cabin. The possibility of a powerful blizzard stopping a skiing Olympian is exactly why Harker does anything he can to make the drive. He’s following his hardcore crush and throbbing heart, and is willing to do just about anything to get the man of his dreams.

So buckle up, hang on for the snowy ride, get cozy, laugh a little, and who knows? You might learn a little bit about warming up and falling in love. Let’s kick it in gear and go …


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A Younger Man by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! A Younger Man by R.W. Clinger

Handsome fifty-two-year-old Wolf Cannon is pretty much set in his ways. He’s a real estate agent who enjoys a decent cup of coffee every morning and realizes he may never meet the guy of his dreams. Truth is, his mundane life is set on repeat and often gray. Then he meets a younger man and his world turns topsy-turvy.

Enter Tin Kimple, younger at thirty-two and the new owner of the coffee shop Wolf frequents. Tin is cute and charming. No wonder Wolf finds him attractive and irresistible. Tin’s not shy, either — he scrawls his phone number on Wolf’s coffee cup. How alluring.

There’s no way Wolf will reach out to the younger man for a date or some other whatnot. Not in this lifetime. Tin’s too young for him. But what if he does call the coffee shop owner? Will the two have something in common? Or will Wolf realize really is too old for Tin and remain alone and lonely?


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12 Sundays by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! 12 Sundays by R.W. Clinger

Illustrator Aaron Braun isn’t getting any younger and needs to find a man to settle down with. At thirty-six, he isn’t not opposed to dating, boyfriendhood, and eventually getting hitched but it’s hard to find the man of his dreams. His best bud Ford McCannon has a string of sexy boyfriends and is no help in finding his Mr. Right.

Sometimes, though, love might be right across your mother’s street. Enter Fazan O’Riley.

While visiting his mother, Aaron remembers having a crush on adorable and straight Fazan. But he might not be so straight, and Aaron’s mother sets them up on a date one a Sunday afternoon. What follows are twelve Sundays of unlimited romance, dating, lust, and frustration.

Does Aaron have the strength to keep their affair alive? Or will Fazan run back to his private life, choosing singlehood for good?


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Thirst Trap by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Thirst Trap by R.W. Clinger

When mischievous neighbors the Jardonis boys take out half of Joey Pollard’s house by an accidental fire, Joey is given the opportunity to use JD Lawson’s spare bedroom. The two have been friends for years and Joey feels comfortable with the arrangement.

Working remotely for a dishware company, Joey spends a lot of time at JD’s house. Joey thinks the college coach is a nice guy and a total thirst trap. And he’d be fibbing if he didn’t admit to having a secret attraction to the man. But Joey knows the sexy man is straight and only a friend. This doesn’t mean Joey can’t still have a hardcore crush on his roommate.

Things become comfortable between the two men until JD throws a small gathering for a few friends. Unfortunately he runs late for his own event and Joey has to play host for a few hours. During these minimal hours Joey learns JD’s dating and sexual history and …

Wait a minute! Is JD straight or queer? Are the guests at the evening party drunk and telling true stories or lies? Does Joey have romantic chance with JD?


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Backpack Jack by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Backpack Jack by R.W. Clinger

Log cabin designer Nix Cutter lives next to a popular hiking trail, Hollandale Trail. Single, attractive, and in his early thirties, he’s in search of the right man to spend the rest of his life with. No one has fit the bill in the recent months or years … until maybe now.

Enter Backpack Jack, a handsome coffee shop owner named Jack Faraway who arrives in July to hike the trail. The attraction between them is immediate and strong attraction. The two men spend the afternoon getting to know each other. But soon, Jack and his pack leave.

Following Jack’s goodbye, Nix has a designing deadline to meet. But he can’t concentrate on his work. The next day, he sees a familiar someone in the distance on Hollandale Trail. The person’s frame and features are distant but familiar. It can’t be Backpack Jack … or is it?


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