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The Horny Geek Club by Penny Jackson

OUT NOW! The Horny Geek Club by Penny Jackson

Sally is smart, sexy, and in control. She is also completely broke and needs to pay for her studies at law school. When her tuition and living expenses threaten to derail her long-sought education plans, she isn’t willing to give up her dreams and knows it’s time to take a drastic step. She never thought she would ever turn to sex work, but as long as her clients are sweet, nerdy, rich university guys … well, what could possibly go wrong?

Angela is smart, rich, and ever so nerdy. Her work towards her engineering degree serves her well in figuring out real-world problems, but doesn’t necessarily help in handling other people. She is also totally frustrated with her nonexistent sex life. So when she discovers there’s a hot girl on campus who offers special services for satisfying nerds … well, what could possibly go wrong?

Turns out, things might go very right for both of them. Can they possibly find love through it all?


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