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A Night’s Celebration by Patrick Bryce Wright

OUT NOW! A Night’s Celebration by Patrick Bryce Wright

Kayson Lang and Garrett Nash reach a relationship milestone: moving in together. To celebrate, they plan an evening of candles, wine, and intimacy, but Kayson worries traumatic flashbacks could interrupt or ruin the festivities. He has fought for years to heal from childhood sexual abuse, and Garrett has supported him. All Kayson wants for this night is to celebrate and, even better, get engaged to the love of his life.

Once Garrett lights candles and pours them a glass of wine, Kayson fights to stay grounded and work up the courage to propose. The past threatens him with intrusive thoughts, but Garrett is in his arms now. Can Kayson persevere, express what is in his heart, and ask Garrett to marry him?


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Conjure Hill by Patrick Bryce Wright

OUT NOW! Conjure Hill by Patrick Bryce Wright

Jorgi Williams hopes starting graduate school will go smoothly. He needs a break from his clingy and transphobic mother Kat, who still insists on calling him by his deadname. Moving into a duplex with a male roommate only sparks a fresh tirade from Kat, and Jorgi is sick of this treatment.

Thane Miller, Jorgi’s roommate, is a fellow graduate student. Handsome in a skinny, alterna way, Thane is laidback and kind, and seems to accept Jorgi exactly as he is. Jorgi can’t help developing a crush, despite his fear about whether Thane would date a transman.But the question of love is put on hold when they receive evil spirits as a housewarming present. Thane locates and digs up a cursed jar in the front yard and reveals he is a Wiccan, a white witch. He begs Jorgi not to freak out. Far from being freaked out, Jorgi is fascinated. Thane introduces Jorgi to his coven and the coven leader asks the dreaded question: Who in Jorgi’s life is capable of something like this? Jorgi’s ex…claim Jorgi’s soul has been bound to a powerful demon in a blood magic contract. That’s something Christy wouldn’t have the ability to do. Are the demons lying, or is the enemy still out there?

The stress of the demonic attacks, Kat’s relentless transphobic hounding, and the world of blood magic opening up around Jorgi cause him a massive internal shift. Suddenly, he becomes aware there is a part of him who comes and goes and who claims their family is not as innocent and Christian as Jorgi always believed. Jorgi has Dissociative Identity Disorder, and his other selves are holding onto dark secrets about the Williams family’s real religion. Thane is supportive every step of the way, causing Jorgi to fall in love.

Then one of Jorgi’s inner selves points the finger at their mother, and Jorgi’s sense of reality is thrown into chaos. Is his enemy Christy or his mother? Can Jorgi and Thane stop the haunting, break the evil contract, and get their happily-ever-after?


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The Summoning by Patrick Bryce Wright

OUT NOW! The Summoning by Patrick Bryce Wright

Kohmi Sakurai loses his parents before his freshman year of college and relocates from Seattle to Kentucky to be near his only remaining relative, his half-brother Heiki, whom he barely knows. Heiki teaches at the local university and Kohmi enrolls there, despite fears about attending college in rural Kentucky as a gay Wiccan. However, Heiki is starting GASA, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, as the faculty sponsor. Maybe Kohmi can start a new life after all: get to know his half-brother, have a supportive college experience in a community of fellow LGBTQIA+ people, fall in love, and settle down.

Even better, the gorgeous redhead from Kohmi’s composition class, Morey Ives, is at the first GASA meeting. Morey’s Southern manners make it difficult to tell if he’s genuinely into Kohmi or if he’s just that good at being nice. As if Morey wasn’t amazing enough, he’s also Wiccan and comes from a long line of rural Wiccans, but he isn’t conceited about it, unlike the “blood witches” Kohmi met in Washington state. Kohmi is officially infatuated.

But the university president’s son Keith also wants Morey and views Kohmi as an interloper. Also Wiccan, Keith intends to start a Wiccan club on campus, with or without his Catholic father’s approval. When this fails to impress Morey or make an impression on Kohmi, Keith pays local dark magic pariahs to have demons scare Kohmi away.

Unfortunately, it goes wrong, and a horde of demons is unleashed on everyone in Morey’s social group, including Keith’s brother. Worst of all? The people who summoned the demons can’t un-summon them. Kohmi, Morey, Keith, and all their Wiccan friends must set aside their differences and work together to find a way to dismiss the demons. But every day the attacks get worse. Will their magic be powerful enough, or will the demons succeed in killing them?


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A New Season of Intimacy by Patrick Bryce Wright

OUT NOW! A New Season of Intimacy by Patrick Bryce Wright

Sequel to Facing the Curse

A month after moving in together, Tito and Leo visit Matt’s grave so Tito can find closure. Tito vents his feelings at Matt’s gravestone and lays his past relationship to rest. Feeling freed of his confused and angry grief, Tito explores the idea of deepening his intimacy with Leo, the man he hopes to spend his life with.

After celebrating a Celtic harvest holiday together, Tito reveals his desire to Leo, but he’s also nervous about his childhood sexual trauma getting in the way. Leo assures Tito that he never has to do anything he’s uncomfortable with. Tito and Leo head home and fill the bathroom with lit candles, setting a romantic mood. Can two people who are healing from childhood sexual trauma find both love and pleasure in each other’s arms?


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Facing the Curse by Patrick Bryce Wright

OUT NOW! Facing the Curse by Patrick Bryce Wright

As a Wiccan, Tito Russell is a firm believer in magic — just not the fairytale, happily-ever-after kind. He and Matt have been dating for years, they’ve met each other’s families, and everyone seems to agree Matt is “good enough.” Despite ongoing problems with Matt’s jealous and possessive tendencies, they move into an apartment together in a new town. Tito finds a job as a clerk at a used bookstore. Everything is working out.

Then the local Wiccan circle, which is hosting a workshop, accepts Tito’s RSVP but not Matt’s. Despite Matt’s jealous whining, Tito refuses to give up his shot at joining a circle and making friends in their new town. When Tito shows up at the house where the circle is holding their meeting, he discovers his sexy upstairs neighbor from the apartment complex, Leo, is a member. As soon as they shake hands, magical sparks fly. Tito and Leo both feel it. During the barbeque after the workshop, Leo seeks out Tito, and they talk for hours. Leo is everything Matt isn’t: outgoing, deep, and kind.

The problem is that Matt knows it, too, and for once his jealous paranoia that Tito is attracted to another guy is on target. Despite Tito’s being loyal and refusing to become more than friends with Leo, Matt unleashes his full rage, ripping off the mask of the lovable nerd and becoming a rageful abuser.

As soon as Leo sees the bruises, he convinces Tito to take a stand and dump Matt. But with Matt’s behavior getting progressively more unhinged, where will it end? With Leo and Tito getting together, or with both of them dead at Matt’s hands?


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