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Warm in the Night by Owen Osgood

OUT NOW! Warm in the Night/strong> by Owen Osgood

Dylan Rhodes is an unemployed college graduate without a place to live. Desperate for an escape, he ventures into the gay nightlife of Los Angeles, where he’s swept off his feet by handsome Hollywood mogul Roderick Night.

Mr. Night is appalled to learn Dylan has no place to stay and offers him room in his luxurious Hollywood Hills home. Things get even better when Mr. Night uses his connections to get Dylan modeling work. Photo shoots, glamorous parties, and the privileges of wealth follow. Mr. Night surprises Dylan with lavish gifts that grow progressively more extravagant.

But all is not well. Dylan struggles to keep up with Mr. Night’s sexual appetites which, while exciting, can be frightening at times. Strangely, Mr. Night has never been in a long-term relationship. Ever. His friends are stunned by his unusual behavior. You must be something special, they tell Dylan.

Dylan must reconcile his growing feelings for Mr. Night with the intense sexual proclivities that often leave him feeling like a sex toy. Still, nothing can prepare him for Mr. Night’s ultimate surprise, a shocking secret that will change everything and reveal exactly what it is about Dylan that has captivated him so powerfully.


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