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Right Now or Never Again by ML Heinrich

Right Now or Never Again by ML Heinrich is now available!

Leo has a reputation of being shallow. Eeli has dead lizard eyes. Together their weaknesses grow into opportunities.

Eeli is used to being socially awkward even in the best circumstances. It isn’t enough he lost his business after trusting his crooked accountant. Now his fiancée has broken up with him, and a recruiter calls him a Komodo dragon behind his back.

Leo needs somebody to warm his microwave meals and guard him in his tub of horrors after chemo sessions leave his fingers numb and feet shaky. Eeli wants something to distract him from his present misfortune, and his confusingly perky neighbor seems to fit that role just fine. With Eeli’s help, Leo starts to live the life he is losing in the grips of the big C, and little by little they both get more than they asked for.

There is only one hitch against their robot-loving nerd bromance turning into a real thing: Eeli is not gay. Or, if he’s going to be, he has to first deal with his ex-future-father-in-law’s retirement party, friends turning into bigots, and the disease having a good chance of killing his Leo.


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