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Nate by Cheyenne Meadows

OUT NOW! Nate by Cheyenne Meadows

Book 3 in the Misfit Shifters series and sequel to Thor

Reindeer shifter Donner intends to spend his precious time off before Christmas relaxing. That includes hanging out at a local watering hole when a tall, dark, and handsome shifter walks in. Just as he’s figuring out how to hang onto Nate a little longer, he gets a call. Seems his brother stole a certain sleigh and Donner’s tasked with bringing it back by Christmas Eve. The last thing he wants to do is chase after his wayward brother on his days off. The only bright side is that the shifter he didn’t want to leave behind agrees to tag along.

Heartbroken, Nate leaves the Bluebird Valley Preserve for a much needed vacation only to land in the middle of karaoke night. What starts out as a casual hook up turns into a wild goose chase with the man who stirs emotions in Nate that he’d previously shut away. With nothing more pressing and unable to let Donner slip through his fingers, Nate agrees to follow wherever their crazy journey might lead. While he leaves the Bluebird Valley Preserve behind, he can’t get the place out of his mind. Home is where the heart is, but can it be in two places at the same time?

Trust isn’t Nate’s strong suit, and he’s long since given up on finding love. Yet, deep down, he knows Donner’s special. Just how special remains to be seen.


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Thor by Cheyenne Meadows

OUT NOW! Thor by Cheyenne Meadows

Book 2 in the Misfit Shifters series and sequel to Mitch

Thor, the winged lion guardian of the Bluebird Valley Preserve, is dying, and too weak now to sustain his powerful magic which protects the land and inhabitants from harm. There’s only one way to save himself and that’s by sacrificing Zach.

When a gut feeling lures Zach back to the preserve, he answers it. Despite his tragic breakup with Thor a decade earlier, he knows he must step in to help the man save the preserve, even as Thor does his best to deflect him at every turn. But Zach can out stubborn a mule.

As winged horse, Zach is more than just a pretty face. His special abilities pale, however, compared to what happens when he and Thor come together. What Thor doesn’t count on are new and old enemies forcing his hand — and Zach’s persistence, not just in saving him and the Preserve, but in stealing his heart, as well.


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Mitch by Cheyenne Meadows

OUT NOW! Mitch by Cheyenne Meadows

Running into a winged lion shifter was never in Mitch’s plans. But Bluebird Valley Preserve has more surprises in store, including wildlife and shifters, most of whom Mitch never knew existed. As a caracal shifter, Mitch is used to oddities. The chaos, he can handle. Calix, the saber-toothed cat, is what knocks him off balance.

Calix is a vet and a physician. Great in theory … except he can only diagnose, not heal. Still grieving, he vows to protect his heart from another crushing blow. Then, he saves a caracal shifter from the flood waters. When he sees Mitch, he struggles with leaving the past behind and making a future for himself which includes Mitch.

Raging waters and mudslides threaten, leaving the whole preserve at risk. Mitch puts his life on the line to rescue Calix. But, it’s Calix’s heart Mitch finds the most challenging and worthwhile to win.


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