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Cling to Me by Mel Bossa

OUT NOW! Cling to Me by Mel Bossa

In the advertising business, Harris Desmond is notorious for his bad boy attitude, but behind that arrogant front hides a sensitive soul. Weeks away from launching his first perfume for men, Erebus, Harris dreams of success and finally emerging from his painful past.

Weeks before the launch party, Harris’s friend suggests he contact an escort agency to hire a date for his big night. Of course, Harris has his reservations about the idea, but the last years of casual encounters and failed relationships have left him feeling lonely. He secretly longs for someone special who’d understand him and all of his faults.

When the agency sends him his date, Pallas, Harris gets a lot more than he paid for. Sweet and vulnerable, Pallas cuts through Harris’s heart like a clean blade. But Pallas is chasing a dream, running on empty and caught in a downward spiral. He wants to give Harris his heart, yet after years of seeing the ugly side of people, he fears there’s nothing left of it to give.

But Harris knows the secret of scents, and he and Pallas are the perfect accord.


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Where You’ll Find Him by Mel Bossa

OUT NOW! Where You’ll Find Him by Mel Bossa

During Pride week, Wolfe learns the board is threatening to shut down the YBR community center. He won’t let that happen, not while he’s the director and responsible for everyone there. They tell him he’s just a kid, but Wolfe needs to prove to everyone, especially the rich family he left behind, that he’s strong enough to do the job, even after the assault he suffered back home.

Smitten by the young man with the beautiful gray eyes standing at a booth on Pride Community Day, Gaspard decides to take a risk for the first time in his life. Freshly divorced and father to two grown children, Gaspard is feeling a little lost in the dating world. Until Wolfe smiles at him.

Though twenty-four years separate them, Wolfe and Gaspard fall for each other in a way neither is prepared for. As relationships unravel around them and the pressure increases, Gaspard resists his passion for a man young enough to be his son. But how long can he keep his heart caged in?


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Persimmon Kiss by Mel Bossa

OUT NOW! Persimmon Kiss by Mel Bossa

A year has passed since Derek’s motorcycle accident, but he still battles with brain injury symptoms. Forced to take a sick leave from work, Derek picks up painting to occupy his time. Through his art, he begins to rediscover his imagination and turns to his journal again.

Meanwhile, a new business venture is on the horizon for Nick and he can’t postpone his trip to Norway any longer. Concerned for Derek’s safety, Nick convinces Derek he needs someone to watch over him while he’s away.

Myles has just returned from Japan, where he spent time mending his heart after another disappointment. He’s longing for a break, so when Nick and Derek reach out to him, he can’t refuse.

Each man wants what’s best for Derek, but Nick and Myles discover they’re not rivals, because what’s between them is echoed in Derek’s heart.

Can all three men let go of their fear and allow this new love to unfold?


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No River Wide Enough by Mel Bossa

OUT NOW! No River Wide Enough by Mel Bossa

Two years ago, Chris and his boyfriend left the city to settle in a small town at the US-Canada border. Eager to start a new life, Chris bought the Frontier Café, but a year later, his boyfriend dumped him, leaving Chris the only openly gay man in town. Nowadays he’s resigned to a life of romantic solitude.

Hank spent the last years traveling through the country for his job as a water plant engineer. Deeply closeted, he’s careful about the men he meets. Like the rivers he studies, he runs fast through the land.

In town only for a few weeks, Hank is intent on getting the job done and returning home out west to take care of his father. But Chris’s warm manner and decadent desserts are no match for Hank’s defense mechanisms. For the first time in his life, he finds himself wanting to go with the flow.


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Music of the Knight by Mel Bossa

OUT NOW! Music of the Knight by Mel Bossa

Easily pleased, Micah enjoys a career in non-profit work and gets through his days one lame joke at a time. Then his friend Lou introduces him to her musical family and the Knights pull Micah into their world of resilience and sorrow. Soon, Micah understands that in the face of grief, optimism isn’t always enough.

Lei was once revered for his tremendous talent. But one day the music died, and the scars under his leather bracelets are a reminder of what he lost. These days, he’s nothing but a phantom. Shut away from the world, Lei tunes instruments in the Knights’ music store.

Then charismatic Micah enters his life, charming his family and slowly coaxing his way into Lei’s heart with steadfast devotion. With Micah at his side, it may yet be possible for Lei to reclaim the spotlight he’d thought permanently abandoned.


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