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Teach Me Tonight by Louise Czarnobai

OUT NOW! Teach Me Tonight by Louise Czarnobai

After six years of undergrad, Luke just wants to graduate university and get the hell out of Texas. He isn’t expecting to meet older, sexy Hardy, who is the embodiment of all of Luke’s dirty fantasies … and also his professor.

When Luke’s best friend takes him to the local BDSM club, he’s approached by a handsome, authoritative Dom who pushes all of his buttons. Hardy introduces Luke to the world of Domination and submission with a scorching hot scene that only leaves him wanting more. After their explosive weekend together, they part ways with plans to see each other again.

However, when the first day of classes comes, they find out Hardy is Luke’s university professor … and unwilling to jeopardize his job to be with Luke. Luke is stubborn and adamant in pursuing Hardy. Their relationship is forbidden and could potentially destroy Hardy’s career, but he won’t take no for an answer.

Hardy doesn’t do relationships, but Luke is determined to convince Hardy to train him as his submissive. The attraction between them is electric, and Luke uses that to the best of his advantage, trying to seduce Hardy into being with him. But each time Hardy rejects him.

How can they be together when Hardy is afraid of falling in love and getting hurt, and Luke is leaving the state once he graduates?


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