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The Boy with Stars on His Ceiling by Lew Bull

OUT NOW! The Boy with Stars on His Ceiling by Lew Bull

Seventeen-year-old Joshua Jones is a fun-loving boy with the usual troubles — bullying at school and being in the closet. Now his mother insists he see a psychologist. Is this because he speaks to his dead father’s ashes in their golden urn? Joshua doesn’t know and, worse, no one will tell him anything.

When Joshua joins an extracurricular drama school, he not only discovers that he is naturally talented, but he also finds love in the form of Michael Armstrong, whose parents are both accepting of their son’s gayness. With Michael’s friendship and encouragement, Josh comes out of the closet and into his true self.

However, Joshua’s mother blames Michael for Joshua’s gayness. How will the boys resolve this? Will Joshua and his mother be able to deal with the issues of coming out?


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