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The Blue Door by Carol Holland March

OUT NOW! The Blue Door by Carol Holland March

The youngest child of a poor peasant family, Delia must marry or find a position as a servant in the nearby town to help her aging parents. She is loathe to relinquish her freedom, and has refused many suitors, when the duke of the land expresses interest in her. Maltric has lost four previous wives in mysterious circumstances. No one knows what happened at the castle, and many fear black magic is loose in the land. Delia is wary of Maltric’s attentions, but cannot refuse to meet him when he sends a message announcing his arrival.

At night Delia dreams of her perfect lover, a beautiful green-eyed woman named Atishi who knows everything about her and offers her sensual pleasure more exquisite than anything she has experienced in her waking life. She begs to stay with her dream-lover. When Atisha tells Delia they can be reunited in flesh if she finds the blue door in the duke’s castle, Delia agrees to the courtship with the duke.

Married and the mistress of an enormous castle, Delia searches for the blue door and finally locates it in an unused hallway tucked away on the top floor. Inside, she finds Atishi waiting for her under a gigantic oak tree in the land of Elysa. Delia must renounce her family and her world.

When the duke finds out, he accuses Delia of witchcraft and forbids her to use the door again. Time is running out before the passageway to Elysa closes. Torn between her love for Atishi and her family, fearful of her life if she stays with the duke, and fearing black magic pervades the castle, Delia must decide what she is willing to sacrifice for love.


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As Good as Anne Lister by Eule Grey

OUT NOW! As Good as Anne Lister by Eule Grey

Sylvia has loved Len/Lenora for years, but she’s so tired of waiting. Is it finally their time to break free of routines?

Once a year Sylvia buys Len a pack of beer, and in return Len buys Sylvia a voucher. Love takes time, and so does Len. One year Sylvia decides to speed up the process. She goes rogue and chooses a romantic book.

What will happen during the gift exchange this year? Is Len ready to make a decision which will change their lives forever? And the biggest question of all: Can Sylvia love Len as good as Anne Lister?


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Woke Up Hungry by Becky Black

OUT NOW! Woke Up Hungry by Becky Black

Margot McCallan expected to sleep peacefully through the months’ long journey to a new life on a distant colony planet. But she’s rudely awakened and rescued from a hypersleep chamber full of fellow colonists who have turned into ghouls with an insane hunger for flesh.

Chief of Operations Izzy Ramirez expected the usual uneventful trip ferrying sleeping colonists and their supplies. But when a saboteur repeatedly triggers a virus that cripples the ship’s computer and wakes colonists randomly, she has to lead the rescue parties to save those lucky few who don’t wake up hungry.

Margot and Izzy should never have met, despite sharing that journey. But now they’re a team, working to end the nightmare and save the lives of thousands of people. As their feelings for each other grow stronger, they try to wait, to put romance on hold until they are no longer facing danger together. But it’s hard not to reach out for hope in the midst of horror.


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Ktci-awa by Nikko Lee

OUT NOW! Ktci-awa by Nikko Lee

On the remote island of Monhegan, off the coast of Maine, everyone has more than one job. Game warden Diane Pinchino is the only semblance of law enforcement. As a winter storm batters the island, Diane begins to investigate the grisly discovery of a dismembered body.

The body count increases with no clear motive or suspect. Without reinforcements, can Diane solve the case before someone she loves becomes the next victim?


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S.C.U.D. by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! S.C.U.D. by Courtney Milnestein

To tell the tale of human history, we must also relate the history of our enemy, the archfiend, that apex predator, the vampire known as Count Dracula!

For centuries now, the Society for Cutting Up Dracula has been the last bastion of hope against the king of vampires, observing his lives, his loves, standing guard against his devilish ambitions, protecting humanity from his ambitions. Yet as Dracula, cunning and manipulative, takes up a scheme to repay his debts to the family of a man now lost to him, will his gifts prove overpowering for those that have drawn his interest?

Discover now the secret origin of the Prince of Darkness, his passions and persuasions, and the truth about vampires; discover now a history of the world unseen played out through the ages … discover the truth of the Society for Cutting Up Dracula!


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