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From Bi to Bye by Chelsi Robichaud

OUT NOW! From Bi to Bye by Chelsi Robichaud

Lilian has always been hopeless when it comes to relationships. When she gets a chance to intern at her favourite digital magazine, she lies to get the job. The editors are looking for a bisexual woman to write for an advice column. Though Lilian is in fact bisexual, her ability to give advice is questionable at best. Knowing she has to keep up the lie to save her job, Lilian goes out on dates to get a better sense of how to write for her advice column.

Unfortunately for her, dating women isn’t as easy as it looks. With the help of her best friend Kristen, she learns how to properly socialize and navigate the often confusing and overwhelming side of discovering your sexuality. Kristen shows her a more adventurous side of life, one that involves speed dating and parties. Will Lilian be able to overcome her fear of intimacy to finally accept who she truly is?


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The Christmas Arrangement by A.J. Morrow

OUT NOW! The Christmas Arrangement by A.J. Morrow

As the holidays approach, Tessa — a warm, ugly-sweater loving personal assistant — finds herself spending yet another holiday away from her family. Unable to fly home, she must find something else to do with her time. Little does she know, she’s in for the holiday of a lifetime when she gets called into her boss’s office three days before Christmas.

Colette Sylvestre is not someone you could call warm — collected, intelligent, charismatic, maybe, but not warm. She is, however, in the running to take over her family business, a prestigious publishing house; all she has to do is convince her grandfather she has settled down enough. Her cousin Bernard, however, is determined to undermine her and take the position for himself. To convince her grandfather, Colette must bring a date back home to celebrate Christmas with her family. The only catch? Colette is currently single.

n a spur of the moment decision, she asks her personal assistant Tess to be her date for the holidays. What follows is a series of holiday related hijinks, from a fancy gala ball to awkward conversations with Colette’s family as Tess tries to convince them she really is Colette’s girlfriend. When Tess realizes her little crush on Colette might not be so little, things are complicated even more and she has to decide whether or not to tell Colette.

Will Colette return her feelings? Will they be able to convince her family their relationship is real? And, most importantly, will Colette ever forgive Tess for her frankly awful sweater choice?


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Baphomet’s Blessing by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Baphomet’s Blessing by Eve Morton

When Natasha “Tasha” Joon accepts an invitation to read from her gender memoir to a feminist bookstore, she thinks it’s one of her many stops on her publicity tour organized by her best friend and secret-crush Lydia. As it turns out, the audience that awaits her is far more sinister than she ever thought possible, and Tasha is soon cursed.

Instead of falling into despair, she and Lydia fall in love. Later on, Tasha realizes she has a tumour in her stomach that is rapidly growing. Then appears to move, as if it is a life force all its own. She and Lydia, both trans women, come to the same strange conclusion: Tasha is pregnant and this close to the holidays, it seems that she will be giving birth to the new messiah — or a monster.

Now, with a possible monster baby on the way, Tasha and Lydia have more things to consider than they thought possible. When the coven shows up again, their supernatural adventure becomes that much more dangerous. Good thing Tanner Chapman, talk show host extra ordinate, can help sort out the matter of paternity once and for all.

Will Tasha’s baby be human or demon, devil or angel? And is Lydia the father — or mother? And who will get custody of the new miracle child: the two trans women who created life in spite of all odds, or the evil coven who only wish to destroy all light during the darkest time of the year?


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Season’s Dragons: Winter by Toby Yu

OUT NOW! Season’s Dragons: Winter by Toby Yu

Charlotte Innings is already twenty-one and only getting older with each passing winter as an innkeeper’s daughter when the white-haired, diamond-eyed Aria enters her life. A talented mage hunted by the very organization that seeks to protect her, Aria shows Charlotte glimpses into a world filled with magic and godly forces beyond her comprehension.

Or is it that simple? Aria grows closer to her with each passing day. With each trial, she seems to be opening up to more and more. Her connection to the goddess Cestra. Her magic. Her bodyguard Caen.

When Aria finally unfurls her wings and professes her love to Charlotte, can Charlotte even hope to match her partner’s stride? What can a single farmgirl do against the dangers that surround Aria … or the demons plaguing her from within?


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Spirits in the Dark by Katherine Traylor

OUT NOW! Spirits in the Dark by Katherine Traylor

Trista has always loved abandoned houses and the paranormal. Now that she’s at college only fifteen minutes from the notoriously haunted Hollow Street house, she knows exactly where she’s spending Halloween. She packs a bag, puts on her favorite vintage dress, and sets off, hoping to spot the ghost of the young, dark-haired woman who’s said to haunt the house’s living room.

Fellow student Keira does not like abandoned houses, and she isn’t particularly interested in ghosts. Visiting the Hollow Street house was not how she’d planned to spend Halloween. But her little sister, who loves all things spooky, has begged Keira to check out the haunted house next to her university, and Keira has trouble saying no. She doesn’t expect to see anything supernatural, so it’s quite a shock to find herself face-to-face with a mysterious young woman in old-fashioned clothing who seems to have appeared from nowhere.

When the two ghost-hunters come face to face, each mistakes the other for the ghost she’s looking for. How tragic, they both think, that such a beautiful person should have died so young. Of course, things aren’t as bleak as they seem, and the two women might find themselves pleasantly surprised … if they can make it to the morning. Because real entities haunt the Hollow Street house, and they’re anything but friendly.


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