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Fangs and Fairytales by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Fangs and Fairytales by L.J. Hamlin

This collection contains four paranormal lesbian stories by prolific author L.J. Hamlin, including:

The Undead Poet Society: Elizabeth is used to standing apart because of her cane and her fangs. Then a beautiful woman way out of her league reads a poem she wrote.

Lust: May is invited to a club by the girl she’s been flirting with in class, and the evening goes better than she could have hoped.

Red and the Hunter: When Red’s grandmother is taken by the Wolf Clan, she turns desperately to the village’s best hunter for help.

The Princess’s Dove: Each night, Crystal sneaks out to be with her secret lover Dove, and dreams a day they can love openly, without fear of what Dove’s father would do if he catches them together.


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The Ninepenny Element by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! The Ninepenny Element by K.L. Noone

Verity Friday has been a good witch all her life: good at anticipating her coven’s needs, good at looking out for her little brother, good at helping others. She’s never been the most powerful or the most gifted at magic, but she knows she’s made a difference.

But now her brother’s moved out and found love, and Verity’s feeling more alone than ever despite her coven family. Meeting her brother’s boyfriend doesn’t help — they’re so obviously happy, and Verity’s happy for them, but she’s starting to think about what she might want for herself … and about the gorgeous lawyer she’s just literally run into outside a bookshop.

Successful lawyer Amelia Burne is having a terrible day. She’d swear someone’s cursed her with bad luck, but magic isn’t, right?

Except the self-proclaimed witch she’s just run into claims it is … and Lia actually is cursed. Lia isn’t sure she believes this unlikely story, but Verity seems serious and wants to help, and maybe it’s worth a try. Because when Verity smiles, the whole world gets brighter … just like magic.


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Buried Secrets by Ginna Wilkerson

Buried Secrets by Ginna Wilkerson is now available!


When Emelia Behrends is caught in bed with her girlfriend Taylor by her strict Southern Baptist mother, she thinks nothing worse could ever happen. But when she’s sent to a small town in Kentucky to live with her aunt, stranger things do indeed happen. An incident in the gym locker room starts tongues wagging, and soon the popular crowd are spreading rumors.

Thankfully, Emelia meets would-be witch Hillary and the two band together as misfits and friends. Then Mariah enters the picture, and Emelia is instantly attracted. Mariah is entranced with Emelia’s beautiful smile and silky red hair, but she harbors deep secrets that might make all the difference between romance and tragedy.

The mystery begins to unravel when the topic of the Salem witch trials is introduced at school. Who is Mariah, and where did she really come from? And will Mariah’s buried secrets mean another love lost for Emelia?


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