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Duality by Chloe Spencer

OUT NOW! Duality by Chloe Spencer

A dead-end job, a slob for a boyfriend, and neglectful friends: this is Kat Wallace’s life. Ever since her best friend got married, Kat has been struggling to find happiness.

All that changes when she meets Melody Adebayo, a field agent with the mysterious transdimensional company Clockwork & Associates. Melody’s job is to send the consciousness of others to a scarier dimension in order to make them kinder and more grateful for their lives, which, in theory, will influence them to do good.

But when Kat is sent to B-215, she awakes in a world beyond her wildest dreams. She’s wealthy, well-liked, and has a successful career. Kat realizes she doesn’t need to find happiness in her own world … she can just steal it from her other self.

Because of a certain (ahem) incident, Melody owes a lot of money to her evil ex-girlfriend, and Kat works out a deal with her in order to keep visiting B-215. With each visit, a sinister plot unfolds. Kat discovers her life is at risk, and she isn’t alone in this dimension.

To eliminate the threat, she must team up with Melody, but can the two uncover the truth before Kat loses her life? More important, will they be able to move on from the mistakes they made in the past and find love with each other?


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Miss Baxter’s Girls: Hilary the Au Pair by Davina Lee

OUT NOW! Miss Baxter’s Girls: Hilary the Au Pair by Davina Lee

The year is 1982. Duran Duran tops the charts, the internet isn’t a thing yet, and young Hilary Baxter is employed as an au pair halfway around the world. Her charge Hasiba happens to be a beautiful, exotic woman nearly her own age, and heir to the throne of her tiny island nation. Hilary’s only job is to keep her out of trouble.

After some time on the local party circuit, Hilary discovers keeping Hasiba out of trouble may not be as easy as it first seemed. To make matters worse, Hilary finds herself falling in love with her charge, while all Hasiba seems to be interested is flirting with the eligible bachelors on the island.

Things come to a head one night when Hasiba’s partying takes her too far. Hilary steps in with her own special set of rules — and punishments — to correct a situation that’s gotten out of hand. But will Hasiba accept Hilary’s new, sterner stance? How will an heir to the throne take to being disciplined? And will Hilary’s feelings for Hasiba allow her to do what needs to be done?


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Love and the Living Tree by Emily Carrington

OUT NOW! Love and the Living Tree by Emily Carrington

When Rose has to find a place to volunteer to satisfy an academy requirement, she never dreams she’d find a fellow werewolf running a soup kitchen that also features live music. Rose is a violinist and drummer trained in the Irish tradition and she longs to use her skills. It doesn’t hurt that the first picture she sees of Ama makes her go weak at the knees.

Ama, the werewolf who runs the soup kitchen, is suppressed and ruled by her parents. Due to several childhood struggles, she is seen by her family as weak. She tries to overcome this by running her own charity and helping people she considers less fortunate.

Their attraction is strong and instantaneous but is complicated when the two discover vampires are feeding from their customers. Rose wants to see vampires as a discriminated species; Ama views them as parasites. Neither assumption is quite accurate. Can Rose and Ama look past their differences and work together? Can they band together to protect not only the people they care about, but one another?


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Married to the Struggle by La Toya Hankins

OUT NOW! Married to the Struggle by La Toya Hankins

Sedalia and Charlotte meet during a Moral Monday rally. Pizza and the pursuit of social justice bring the North Carolina former debutante and repeat criminal trespasser together. Their love grows to be a comfort in the midst of crazy, everyday life.

But when Charlotte is arrested the night before their wedding, can Sedalia manage to get her to the altar on time? Is Sedalia ready to sacrifice her special day for the struggle? Their different approaches to balancing their work and personal lives create an issue in their marriage before they even manage to tie the knot.


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Belling the Kat and Other Stories by JL Merrow

OUT NOW! Belling the Kat and Other Stories by JL Merrow

Office worker Kat didn’t think the statuesque Belle was her type … until she saw her friend rocking a slinky satin bridesmaid’s dress. Now Kat can’t get the gorgeous image out of her head, but dare she risk losing Belle’s friendship by trying for something more?

To add to her woes, ever since a close encounter of the feline kind, Kat’s had an embarrassing little problem that keeps recurring. Surely someone as beautiful as Belle won’t fall for a woman who occasionally sprouts whiskers … and a tail!

This mini-collection also includes three more super-quick reads featuring women loving women: contemporary romance “Little Bit of Ivory,” Japanese fairy tale “Ice Maiden,” and the haunting “Dance With Me.”


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