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The Horny Geek Club by Penny Jackson

OUT NOW! The Horny Geek Club by Penny Jackson

Sally is smart, sexy, and in control. She is also completely broke and needs to pay for her studies at law school. When her tuition and living expenses threaten to derail her long-sought education plans, she isn’t willing to give up her dreams and knows it’s time to take a drastic step. She never thought she would ever turn to sex work, but as long as her clients are sweet, nerdy, rich university guys … well, what could possibly go wrong?

Angela is smart, rich, and ever so nerdy. Her work towards her engineering degree serves her well in figuring out real-world problems, but doesn’t necessarily help in handling other people. She is also totally frustrated with her nonexistent sex life. So when she discovers there’s a hot girl on campus who offers special services for satisfying nerds … well, what could possibly go wrong?

Turns out, things might go very right for both of them. Can they possibly find love through it all?


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An International Exchange by J.P. Garland

OUT NOW! An International Exchange by J.P. Garland

Malkie is a gay New York lawyer who has a passing encounter with Romanian university student Sofia, who is spending the summer working as a waitress in a high-end western Massachusetts town. It’s where Malkie and her family spend weekends and holidays, as do many other New Yorkers. When they meet, Sofia whispers, “If you are interested, and I think you are, you can contact me here.” Malkie ignores the overture and the little slip of paper placed in her hand.

When she returns a month later, though, Malkie decides to find out what Sofia has in mind. She believes it when Sophia says she is attracted to the lawyer, and not just as a hook-up. Can Sophia make Malkie understand she’s worthy of another woman’s love?


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Miss Baxter’s Girls: Hasiba the Lost Love by Davina Lee

OUT NOW! Miss Baxter’s Girls: Hasiba the Lost Love by Davina Lee

Hilary Baxter, retired dominatrix turned boarding house matron, is always at the top of her game. She expects only the best from her girls and showers them with love and encouragement when they deliver. But when Hasiba, the mother of one of her boarders, comes to town for a visit, the tables are turned and it’s Miss Baxter who needs a helping hand.

But, unbeknownst to her, two of her girls have a plan to put the situation right. Jessica, the sociology graduate student, senses they have a past with a dynamic on the kinky side. Moona, Jessica’s girlfriend and Hasiba’s daughter, with her own kinky appetites, confirms it as a case of like mother, like daughter.

Their plan is simple: get the flustered domme Miss Baxter and the shy submissive Hasiba together for an intimate evening to reconnect and finally admit they still have feelings for each other. A little eves dropping later on, with sounds of skin-on-skin swats and a throaty moans, lets the girls know they’ve done their job.

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Sydney, One Way by Mags Hayward

OUT NOW! Sydney, One Way by Mags Hayward

What’s that sound? Rain? The wind? Anna’s heart sinks when she realises it’s the shower running and Matilda’s no longer in bed. Today Matilda is leaving.

Bound for Sydney, Australia, Matilda’s starting the adventure of a lifetime. She’s planned it for years, long before she met Anna. Although a new relationship, Anna loves Matilda and the thought of never seeing her again is breaking her heart.

What should Anna do? Ask Matilda to stay? Or be selfless and let her go? Her head says one thing, her heart another.

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Just for Tonight by Kimberly Nicole

OUT NOW! Just for Tonight by Kimberly Nicole

Rachel can’t find the right woman. She’s trying to escape her past, where she worked at a pizza place and messed around with her married boss, Rhiannon. One night they start to have sex but are busted by Rhiannon’s husband, and Rachel decides to leave her behind for good. On another night, she goes home with cute waitress Jen, who starts kissing her, but there is a drunken guy avidly watching and Rachel is once again unsatisfied.

Then Rachel meets the tall, muscular, lesbian at her new job named AJ. Rachel wonders if she’s finally met someone like her. She finds out AJ is fresh out of a break-up, but they still have a night out at the bar, playing pool and singing karaoke. Is this just going to be another night with an emotionally unavailable woman, or will the spark of something more ignite? At the very least, will Rachel end the night feeling less alone?


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