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Songs of Love and Hate by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! Songs of Love and Hate by Courtney Milnestein

After two years hunched over her laptop at home, Deanna Spenser is finally back in the office, albeit only for three days a week, and predictably, she hates it. Driven by a deep desire for change, a yearning to not go back to the way things were before coronavirus, she finds herself consumed by memories of adolescence, of a friend lost to the past.

Abruptly, she is offered a chance to reconnect with her friend. Yet as the past opens up before her, she finds herself wondering if perhaps there are things that should not be revisited after all.


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Road to Nowhere by Mags Hayward

OUT NOW! Road to Nowhere by Mags Hayward

Stella is lost in the dark, driving in a storm on an increasingly narrow, unfamiliar country road. What should she do? And why is she running away?

Stella’s car runs off the road and she injures her head. She needs help. Beyond the wild hedgerows and woods is a sprawling mansion with lights in the windows. It seems a party is taking place and Stella’s saved … or is she?

When Stella meets the host, the stunning Madame Reynard, she’s instantly attracted. In fact, she knows this woman … intimately. How? Why is she so familiar?

Stella searches for answers in this dark gothic tale of desire and denial.


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Not My Father’s Daughter by D.J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey

OUT NOW! Not My Father’s Daughter by D.J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey

Kerstin Meineke has always known she’s bisexual, and reconnecting with a former classmate and declared lesbian makes her ponder the what-ifs of her own choices. Kerstin’s adult son has moved out and her marriage is in a rut, so when her mom dies, Kerstin fulfills her last wish and travels to the US to meet her biological father.

Finally finished with veterinary college, Sara Peterson decides the next step is to find her perfect life partner. Online Sara locates a candidate who meets all her criteria, but when their in-person meeting is a disaster, she convinces herself to stick to loving animals.

It’s March 2020, and both Kerstin’s and Sara’s lives grind to a halt once COVID hits. The ever-practical Sara invites her new “sister” Kerstin to stay with the family, never mind that her mother resents Kerstin, the daughter from a previous marriage her husband failed to mention. Things quickly become tense.

Gorgeous and brilliant, Sara possesses a quirkiness which intrigues Kerstin, and she falls for Sara practically at first sight. Sara’s rational world is turned upside down when she realizes the feeling is mutual. Kerstin and Sara struggle to do the right thing, but boundaries are shattered when passion overtakes them. Too soon, Kerstin’s vacation ends and she knows their goodbye must be forever. Sensible Sara comes to the same conclusion.

But what if theirs is the once-in-a-lifetime love they both long for?


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I Remember It All by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

OUT NOW! I Remember It All by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

Sequel to A Taxing Situation

Eccentric, genius, science-fiction writer Joan Howell has to decide what to do with some of the money she just earned when a stock investment pays off big time. She decides to contribute to some of the wildlife funds she’s loved her whole life.

First, she brings members of the family of her buffalo Beau to live with him on her new property. Then she goes to Florida to first see about traveling into space, then to see what the Manatee Preservation Society needs.

But the manatees are waiting for her. It was foretold centuries ago that “The Jone” would save them from “the biting tails.” How can she convince the police the manatee she was caught riding had been honored to guide her around their realm when it’s illegal to even touch the creatures?


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Outcast’s Song by Jaymie Wagner

OUT NOW! Outcast’s Song by Jaymie Wagner

Sequel to Orphan’s Cry

More than fifty years before Leah Corbyn became a werewolf, Amélie Orne was cast out of werewolf society, manipulated into taking the blame for crimes she did not commit.

After living for so long on the run as a Feral wolf, she found unexpected comfort and companionship from Leah and her lover Amy Oakley. As they grow closer, can she dare to hope for a real future together with them after a lifetime of betrayal and misery?

Amélie has allies to stand with her now, but it will mean uncovering secrets long buried, and reopening dangerous old wounds …


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