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Just for Tonight by Kimberly Nicole

OUT NOW! Just for Tonight by Kimberly Nicole

Rachel can’t find the right woman. She’s trying to escape her past, where she worked at a pizza place and messed around with her married boss, Rhiannon. One night they start to have sex but are busted by Rhiannon’s husband, and Rachel decides to leave her behind for good. On another night, she goes home with cute waitress Jen, who starts kissing her, but there is a drunken guy avidly watching and Rachel is once again unsatisfied.

Then Rachel meets the tall, muscular, lesbian at her new job named AJ. Rachel wonders if she’s finally met someone like her. She finds out AJ is fresh out of a break-up, but they still have a night out at the bar, playing pool and singing karaoke. Is this just going to be another night with an emotionally unavailable woman, or will the spark of something more ignite? At the very least, will Rachel end the night feeling less alone?


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The Prodigal Daughter by J.P. Garland

OUT NOW! The Prodigal Daughter by J.P. Garland

Beth Jenkins, raised in an Irish Catholic family outside Chicago, with her father a retired Chicago cop, would not acknowledge to her family that she was gay, fearing how they would react. She moved to New York, visiting her home occasionally. At Christmas just over three years before the story begins, and against her better judgment, she responds to the when-I-you-going-to-find-a-man question by coming out.

Any hopes of staying are shattered when her father says he will not sit at the same table with this creature. For three years she speaks to neither her parents. Then her sister calls. “Dad is dying. He’s turned over a new leaf.” She agrees to come, but only with her girlfriend, with whom she is living in Brooklyn.

This is the story of their journey to Beth’s home and what happens when she gets there.


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The Railwalkers by Ruth Hanson

OUT NOW! The Railwalkers by Ruth Hanson

America, 1887. In a country healing from the horrors of the Civil War, the American West has never been more treacherous. Evil men do as they please, and the often faulty and corrupt justice system does little to nothing to help their victims.

Enter the Railwalkers. Bandits whose only goal is to punish those whom the law has allowed to walk free. Some think they’re an urban legend, meant to scare would-be criminals into submission. Some see them as no different than the murderers they kill, while to others, they are angels of mercy. To Violet Donovan, they are family.

Growing up as the sole heiress to the sizable Donovan estate, Violet’s place of privilege allowed her wild spirit to flourish. Despite the pressures of her sex — find a husband, stay pretty, have children, be subservient, don’t speak out of line — Violet is passionate, loud, stubborn, and untamed. However, at the ripe, marriageable age of twenty, Violet faces the fact that she may have to give in to her mother’s wishes and marry mean, ugly Eustace Carpenter, the only other family name in their little town with comparable worth.

But Violet’s life changes forever when she is saved from an attacker by a strange woman. A woman who, like Violet, doesn’t exactly fit the mold. Unfortunately Violet gets mixed up in a murder charge and has to leave everything she knows for a life on the run from the law. Through divine intervention, she and the woman cross paths again, and Violet comes to know her and her comrades.

They are Mei Wong, Linus Cooper, Sitting Bear, and Rory McNab. The infamous Railwalker gang.


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#StrangerToStronger by Kimberly Nicole

OUT NOW! #StrangerToStronger by Kimberly Nicole

Rave Michaels is a wanna-be-writer who meets a beautiful older woman named So Price on Facebook. At first Rave is too caught up with plans with her girlfriend Tiffany, a woman on house arrest, to give too much thought to her messages with So, but the two soon become good friends, talking about their writing projects together, along with a variety of other topics.

After Rave has an unexpected break-up with Tiffany, So is the one who is there for her. In spite of their distance — Rave lives in Indiana and So lives in Pennsylvania — Rave and So decide to become a couple. So travels from Pennsylvania to Indiana frequently and they spend time together in hotels, getting to know each other and having passionate sex. But will Rave’s problems with bipolar disorder prove to be too much to handle? Will the coronavirus keep them apart? Can a lasting relationship truly be found online?


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#TwentyYearReunion by D.J. Fronimos

OUT NOW! #TwentyYearReunion by D.J. Fronimos

Single and lonely, Meredith Tanner has spent her life caring for others, while at the same time resenting it. Irritated when a former classmate contacts her asking for help planning their twenty-year reunion, Meredith gives in when she discovers the classmate is the girl she once had a crush on.

Back in school Jennifer Stockton was popular and confident, everything Meredith wasn’t. Twenty years and life in another city haven’t changed Meredith much. Even though she has worked as a nurse for many years, she still feels inadequate and puts her own needs last in order to make others like her. Maybe this time things will be different.

Excited by the chance to work with fabulous Jen, Meredith throws herself into the reunion project, and she and Jen have a great time reconnecting online. When Jen drops a hint about a previous partner, Meredith is optimistic. But everything changes when Meredith suggests video chat. Puzzled by Jen’s refusal, Meredith gets frustrated when Jen not only evades all attempts of a virtual meeting, but backs off completely.

At the reunion, she’s shocked to find out just how much Jen has changed and abandons all hope of rekindling old feelings. But something unexpected happens that shakes both women to the core. Is it too late for Meredith to reevaluate her opinion? Even if she manages to, does Jen want her to revive their twenty-year-old crush?


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