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The Tribulations of Tobias by L.E. Thomas

OUT NOW! The Tribulations of Tobias by L.E. Thomas

In the depths of the sleepy countryside in the South West of England in the summer of 1775, a young curate, the Reverend Tobias Whitmore, finds himself unwittingly seduced by the comely ladies of Lesser Witteringly.

Such a delicious experience seems to haunt him as he moves to Stratton-over-Wye to become vicar of St. Margaret’s. This canny career move, engineered by his redoubtable mother, only encourages her attempts to find him a wealthy and socially ambitious bride of her choice.

However, Tobias, while coming to terms with his ministry as best he can, finds to his surprise and delight that a number of less than respectable ladies seem to take a shine to him.

Will Tobias resist his mother’s iron will to marry him off to a terrifying highest bidder? Will the naughty ladies in his life continue to deliver sensory recompense? And will he, amongst all the clerical and family pressures and lubricious temptations, manage to find true love?


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The Green Man by L.E. Thomas

OUT NOW! The Green Man by L.E. Thomas

Olivia’s home is the Green Man Inn, situated in medieval city of London. She is content with her life, running the bustling tavern with her father, and is taken aback when he suggests a long journey in late autumn into the west of the country to meet her mysterious bridegroom.

As Olivia gets farther away from the busy metropolis, her concerns grow, especially as Halloween approaches. She senses something strange and unearthly in her fate, and her imagination conjures up fearful images.

All alone in the wild forests of Wales, will she be an unwilling sacrifice to the pagan gods?


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The Masque of the Red Devil by L.E. Thomas

OUT NOW! The Masque of the Red Devil by L.E. Thomas

When the kindly old lord dies mysteriously and his nephew Lord Antonio occupies the castle high on the hill, the peasant folk in the village below begin to fear him. There are rumours of strange practices and ceremonies, far removed from their Christian beliefs.

Once the soldiers come to collect their young, unmarried women to take part in these secret rites, the villagers are terrified, especially as some of the girls never come home.

Catrin is full of dread when it is her turn; however, she has a secret. Rather than being a maid, she and her swain Elis have plighted her troth and she suspects, to her joy, that she may be expecting their child.

This makes her all the more determined to survive her ordeal in the fortress, whatever that might bring, even if it means she has to resort to witchcraft and enchantment. Might her pact with the devil lose her everything she holds dear?


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