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Beneath Brooklyn by L.D. Kreiling

OUT NOW! Beneath Brooklyn by L.D. Kreiling

Devon is bumbling through his new path in life as a newly turned vampire. Living out of his van and playing music in dive bars to get by, he tries his best to curtail his sanguine cravings in the most ethical ways he can manage.

One night at a show, he is met with a serendipitous run in with his old flame, Levi. Thinking maybe his life is going in the right direction for once, Devon quickly discovers there is a lot more to his ex than meets the eye. After a quick catch-up that turns violent, it becomes clear Devon isn’t the only one who’s changed, and the city is more than what lies on the surface.

Thrust into a complicated situation riddled with politics, violence, lore, and a roommate with an odd shine to his eyes, Devon struggles to navigate vamp life while trying to hold on to the one person that matters to him the most.


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