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Fire and Ink by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Fire and Ink by K.L. Noone

Sequel to Port in a Storm

Three months ago David Stanton rescued a runaway kitten in the rain. Now he’s got an infamous — and infamously powerful — feline shapeshifter living in his house, helping with his white-witch business, and making him smile. David’s falling in love fast, but there’s still the problem of Colin’s past … and the secrets he’s obviously keeping.

Colin Rue fled his vicious warlock, found a kindhearted white witch and fell in love, and he never wants to leave. But he isn’t sure he’s good for David. After all, he’s a runaway with a scandalous past, he’s never tried to settle down before, and he’s making David’s life way more complicated.

But when a fire threatens the neighborhood, David needs Colin’s magic to help. If together they can save people, maybe Colin’s got a purpose after all …


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Port in a Storm by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Port in a Storm by K.L. Noone

Colin is not having the best time lately, being a runaway shifter with a less than stellar reputation, hiding beneath a car in the pouring rain hoping to evade the angry warlock looking for him.

David’s had a long day. Being the local white witch and healer is a worthwhile occupation, but it’s rarely an easy one.

When he spies a stray kitten under his car, he figures he’ll be able to rescue at least one living thing that night …


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