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Lucky’s Woman by Katharine O’Neill

OUT NOW! Lucky’s Woman by Katharine O’Neill

Charlotte loves animals. She’s dedicated her life to looking after them. When her friend and vet gifts her a kitty who came in after someone rescued him from poor living conditions, Charlotte knows she’s found her forever animal. But someone doesn’t want her to have the feline, who she’s now christened Lucky.

Max has been trying to get Charlotte’s attention for years, but she’s so wrapped up in all the animals. He thinks giving her a cat as a present might win her over, only to realize that Lucky came from an unscrupulous couple who were breeding animals for profit, and now they’re about to be arrested, they want to make their animals disappear. Including the police’s expert witness, the one who was given Lucky …


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A Touch of Lilt by Katharine O’Neill

OUT NOW! A Touch of Lilt by Katharine O’Neill

Julia got away from a boyfriend who picked another woman, his mother, over her. She just wants to celebrate Christmas without the stress of knowing she’ll be on the back burner. However, her ex doesn’t seem to get the message and won’t leave her alone. Doesn’t help that her hot neighbor makes her wish they weren’t currently in a pandemic.

Keith is bewitched by Julia. The attraction is strong, even more than his addiction for soda. He offers his help, hoping that Julia will lean on him. One night with her isn’t enough, and Keith wants more. But then he discovers that he’s going to get more than he bargained for when he finds out something Julia had kept secret …


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Truth or Dare by Katharine O’Neill

OUT NOW! Truth or Dare by Katharine O’Neill

Philip was looking forward to spending Christmas with his boyfriend in a cabin near the Scottish border. His plan to propose there was ruined when he discovered his now ex in bed with another guy. He’s heartbroken and doesn’t want to think about the ex for a long time. Which is made easy with two very hot lawyers.

Michael and Aiden are not happy with their little brother’s actions. They find it disrespectful, and they want to cheer Philip up. Their solution: go with Philip to the cabin and celebrate Christmas together. The secret couple are more than a bit keen on Philip, which is made clear pretty quickly.

A simple adult game takes a turn, which has Philip wondering if he can handle two guys on a more long-term basis …


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All in One Night by Katharine O’Neill

OUT NOW! All in One Night by Katharine O’Neill

Nick comes back from his tour of duty to find his sister has disappeared. Concerned, he goes searching for her. His gut says she’s in danger. And his gut is also telling him to trust the two gorgeous cops he bumps into at an NA meeting. Even if they feel like a distraction from his little sister …

Daniel and Jamie have been together a long time. They can bounce off each other, and both sense Nick needs help. There is a mutual attraction across all three of them, one far too intense after just knowing Nick a few hours. Jamie wants to keep it professional, while Daniel wants to explore. And Nick is conflicted as to if a possible relationship with two men can even work …


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Guest post by Katharine O’Neill

When did you start writing?
I started writing in school. When I was meant to be studying for my GCSE exams, I was writing a novel. Ended up being about 250,000 words, which I wrote in 7 months. I was pretty proud of it at the time, but looking at it later on I cringed. I had been doing a few segments now and then after watching a TV show or listening to Terry Pratchett, inserting myself into that particular world. Then I studied creative writing in a joint honours degree at university, but I didn’t completely focus on my writing until 5 years after graduation. I had been unemployed for about a year, had a 2-year-old and a 5-month-old, and my partner was going into his first year at university to study mental health nursing. I didn’t want to live off an allowance from his bursary and I decided to do something about it. So I put myself on freelance website Upwork and started looking for work. That was 5 years ago and I’ve ghostwritten at least 500 stories. It gave me the confidence to push forward my own work to be published, which finally happened with JMS Books in 2018.

How do you come up with titles and ideas?
Titles I struggle with. Sometimes it comes to me, but other times I have no idea until the story’s written. Those are not easy to come up with. Ideas are a different matter. With my first book A Day to Remember, I used a segment of a consumer show we have over here in the UK as the body of the story, and it worked. I’ve had people asking if I’m going to make it into a series – that I haven’t got sorted yet. Maybe once I’m completely self-publishing and not needing to be reliant on ghostwriting for my income. Now I mix and match tropes or ideas from shows, put them into a little box and then draw each one out as a lucky dip. That works when I’ve got a lot on and I’ve been given free rein of the plot.

Describe a typical writing day.
I get up about 7:30 and get the kids ready for school. We only live a 5-minute walk, so it doesn’t take long to sort them out. I drop them off and come back, which is when I set up in the living room. I try to work between 9 am and 3 pm, but that can often be 9 am to 12 pm depending on mood/motivation/distraction. Then I pick the kids up from school, get them dinner and make sure they know what I look like before I put them to bed. After that, I’m writing from when they go to bed until about midnight. Because of the amount of work I put on myself, it means working practically every day, although I’ve made sure now that Sunday is my day off. Until the kids go to bed. With the pandemic, it’s bits and pieces while I attempt to keep to the same routine.

What is the most difficult part of writing?
Keeping yourself motivated. You get to a point in the story that you don’t want to do but it has to be there. Something else gets very interesting. I also have some undiagnosed issues that have me wanting things in a very set way and if I get distracted in the slightest from what I’m doing, I can’t get back into it and that’s the rest of the day off-balance. I like to think I’m good with change, but I don’t think I am really.

You write both straight and LGBT romances. What’s your preference?
I’m not fussed with either. I do like to write LGBT because it’s something different. I like my women to be confident and my men to be manly in straight romances, and I bring that to my LGBT romances.

Quickfire Questions
Hobbies: Watching horror video games played by Youtuber CJUGames. He’s freaking awesome! The game Outlast was an inspiration to one of my stories with another publisher.

Favourite food: Depends on my mood. Although KFC will always be among the favourites.

Which 3 people would you have for dinner: Thomas Cromwell (he’s actually distantly related to me by marriage, plus my favourite person in history), Sir Tony Robinson (love his documentaries and his passion for history) and comedian Steve Hofstetter (his quick wit is something to behold).

Best part of the day: Having cuddles with my two little monkeys.

Sports: I play field hockey for Derby Hockey Club, and I also swim for Etwall Masters. I’m aiming to compete at national level and/or international level in a few years as a veteran.

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