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Piña Coladas by Kara Robinson

OUT NOW! Piña Coladas by Kara Robinson

Professor Samuel Rodgers and grad student Alessandro “Alec” Carbone are as opposite as can be. Samuel is steady and quiet, Alec’s flighty and loud. Samuel has wine occasionally, Alec can outdrink a frat house. Samuel struggles with public speaking, Alec considers the world his stage. Samuel wears tweed, and it’s a good day if Alec wears pants.

When Alec’s visa expires before a job opens at the university, the least likely person in the world suddenly holds the solution to his problem. What’s a green card marriage between coworkers, right?

Sam and Alec mix like oil and water, like encyclopedias and nudie mags, like tweed jackets and neon pants. Therapy doesn’t help, living together through arguments suck, and faking it long enough for a green card to come seems impossible.

All Samuel has ever wanted is a husband and partner to spend forever with, but wild child Alec seems determined to keep barriers up between them, even as the deadline for the green card draws near. Is a shared love of piña coladas and unexpectedly intimate moments caught in the rain enough to keep the odd couple together when their differences seem too much to overcome and outside forces are working to tear them apart?


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