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Watch with Glittering Eyes by K.S. Murphy

OUT NOW! Watch with Glittering Eyes by K.S. Murphy

Travis Grayweaver is a witch with two significant problems.

First, he has a tendency to run toward trouble instead of away from it without the insurance of a Guild to back him. As a freelancing witch taking odd jobs wherever he can, this has landed him in some trouble with the Grand Council of High Magic.

Second, he’s madly in love with his best friend Niko, and is much too afraid to confess his feelings to him.

Niko, born between the corporeal and ethereal worlds, is a familiar — cat one minute, human the next — with a rare, pure source of magick sought after by people all over the world. When contracted, familiars will do whatever they have to in order to protect their human. Although Travis has no contract with Niko, they share an unshakable bond built on friendship, loyalty, and trust.

But their bond is put to the ultimate test when something dark and sinister threatens their community and their lives. If they don’t stop it in time, Travis might lose Niko — and the chance to ever tell him how he really feels — forever.


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