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The Winter King by Jay Mendell

OUT NOW! The Winter King by Jay Mendell

Jack Frost is used to causing problems, but he isn’t used to dealing with consequences. When he accidentally destroys the Winter Crest, his one responsibility and the artifact that helps keep the balance of the seasons in the Fae Realm, he needs to find some way to solve this issue before anyone else can find out.

Morozko, A.K.A. Old Man Winter, is a former candidate for the position Jack now holds. He would know how to assist Jack with the Crest, but there’s just one problem: Morozko has left the Fae Realm long ago, and is notorious for despising the politics involved. Will Morozko be willing to put aside his enmity to help out a stranger, or will Jack have to attempt some more … persuasive methods?


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Conquering Death by Jay Mendell

OUT NOW! Conquering Death by Jay Mendell

Thanatos is the personification of Death itself, and has walked the Earth longer than almost any other immortal on the planet. He has met many gods, and become familiar with a number of them, including the war god Ares and the love goddess Aphrodite. They’ve been willing to bring him into their relationship in the past, but Thanatos is unsure of how far that favor extends. He is their friend, and occasional lover, but could they really care for someone with his reputation?

Still, Thanatos has a job to do, and he knows the weight of his duty. Though he believes himself to be quite familiar with mortals, there are still some parts of them he doesn’t understand. He does know one thing for certain — no mortal wants to die. And some are willing to do nearly anything to avoid it.

When he is sent to apprehend King Sisyphus by Zeus, the mortal seems quite agreeable. At first. But now Thanatos has been captured, no one is dying, and some are claiming the world is better for it. Thanatos knows he can’t allow this to continue, but he can’t get free on his own. Will anyone be willing to rescue Death, the one thing they all fear?


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Little Gods by Jay Mendell

OUT NOW! Little Gods by Jay Mendell

Khroma is a Paladin of an ancient religious order, fighting what feels like a never-ending war against the enemy that plagues his homeland. On the night of the final battle, he falls unconscious … only to wake up several thousand years in the future, with a splitting headache and a strange alien leaning over him.

Nahan claims to be part of a scouting party sent to investigate the abandoned planet, and is in search of any important cultural artifacts to present to his superiors. But there’s something suspicious about him, for all that he seems genuinely interested in learning about Khroma’s lost people, and he may have a secret agenda of his own.

With the world suddenly empty and crumbling around him and only one person he can possibly rely on, will Khroma come to terms with the true depths of his loss and travel with his unusual new companion towards the future?


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A Hard Day’s Knight by Jay Mendell

OUT NOW! A Hard Day’s Knight by Jay Mendell

In the aftermath of a tragedy that leaves him with permanent scars, Sir Aurion of the Knight’s Brigade is about to go for an early retirement. He believes his diminished strength means he cannot be the capable second-in-command the Knights deserve. But before he can put down his sword for good, he yearns to try and prove himself as a capable warrior to his captain, Sir Diroze.

Aurion has been dueling against Diroze for over a decade, and has never won a single match. Which isn’t too surprising to the rest of the Knights — Diroze has more than earned his title as captain, and has never been defeated by anyone. With this final attempt being his very last chance, will Aurion pull off a victory against the odds? Or will his captain, a man who may have an agenda of his own, be the one to strike Aurion down for good?


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