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Seeking Boy, Finding Love by Jason Arthur

OUT NOW! Seeking Boy, Finding Love by Jason Arthur

Theodore Bondi is a junior in college and unabashedly gay. He has it all: smoky bedroom eyes; heavy brooding eyebrows; thick, unkempt hair; twink-ish body. So why is he still a virgin? His BFF Wendy is determined to see his cherry popped before Christmas, while his quirky grandmother keeps telling him to follow his heart.

Stuck in the middle, Theo sets his eyes on Dale, the captain of the mens’ water polo team. The stories of Dale’s aggressive prowess in bed make it hard for Theo to sleep at night. Luckily, his shifts as a lifeguard at the pool just happen to coincide with Dale’s water polo practices …

Theo finds it far more difficult to make a move on Dale than to fantasize about him. Additionally, he has to contend with Scott, his close (and very cute!) friend who is clearly head-over-heels for him. Would it be better to settle for Scott? They already shared so many things, so why not take their friendship that one last step?

No one ever says love is easy, and with a hard deadline to have sex, the pressure is on. Will Theo rise to the occasion?


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