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Truck Me Back To Normal by J.D. Walker

OUT NOW! Truck Me Back To Normal by J.D. Walker

Joseph “Joey” Choi has been to hell and back. A war veteran, he was in a bad place for a long time until his brother Derrick got him the help he needed. Joey figures the least he can do is learn how to do things on his own, for a change. His first step is to apply for a job at a farm.

Barrimore “Bear” Lancett, the farm’s foreman, is larger than life and seriously hot. And God, those dimples! Both Bear and Joey a “moment,” but Joey immediately pushes the wayward, intimate thoughts aside, convinced he’s not relationship material, much less with his boss.

That doesn’t stop Bear from trying, but he has to convince Joey to take a chance on them, and maybe find his new normal.


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Unexpected Journey by J.D. Walker

OUT NOW! Unexpected Journey by J.D. Walker

John Dornbrook is forty-nine years old. He’s been doing the same job for fifteen years and hates it. But when he’s laid-off, it hits him hard and his world turns upside down. When he meets Hollis Lombard, his neighbor’s grandson, the unexpected happens.

Hollis Lombard is determined to get John out of his funk, so he offers to take him on a summer road trip. They head out west in search of adventure, but John is touchy and lashes out easily. Hollis, aware of the attraction between them, doesn’t want to take any chances which could hurt their budding friendship.

It’s all a frightful muddle, and it remains to be seen if they can overcome their issues in time to reach their final destination. Will the journey be worth it?


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Because of Sam by J.D. Walker

OUT NOW! Because of Sam by J.D. Walker

Martin Wesley’s job as a CFO is very stressful. All he seems to do lately is work, with no end in sight. But one morning he answers a knock on his door and comes face to face with a social worker and a sad little girl named Samantha Wesley … his niece. Martin is her only next of kin, and he has no idea what to do.

In steps daycare worker Ryan Gentles, who is very understanding and helpful, and Martin is beyond grateful. It doesn’t hurt that the man is cute as a button, too.

With his heart pulled in two directions, Martin has to make a choice: continue to be a pawn in his company’s games or find a new purpose by taking care of his niece, quitting his job, and reaching out for a love he never thought possible.


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Truck Me How I Like It by J.D. Walker

OUT NOW! Truck Me How I Like It by J.D. Walker

Derrick Choi hasn’t had sex in months, and he’s about to explode. While he’s happy that his brother Joey is finally getting the care he needs, the stress of the daily grind, recalcitrant customers, and life in general has taken its toll. At the end of a rough day, he decides to unwind at a club and is surprised when the lead guitarist of the band turns out to be the manager at one of his delivery stops.

Paul Fontana is a sexy older man who takes what he wants, with no apologies. He’s had his eye on Derrick for a while, and finally gets to know him up close and personal. Both men find out that they have a special chemistry and must decide whether to leave things as a two-night stand or pursue something serious. It could be, though, that they have all the time in the world.


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Truck Me All Day Long by J.D. Walker

OUT NOW! Truck Me All Day Long by J.D. Walker

Adrian Mitchell is miserable. His boyfriend, Brandon Perez, cheated on him, so he kicks him out of the house. But when a friend points out that Brandon’s cheating is a symptom of a deeper issue — Adrian being a control freak — he has to face some harsh truths about himself. Yes, Brandon made a huge mistake, but Adrian isn’t a peach, either.

To get Brandon back, Adrian will have to open up about his past, and why he’s always been afraid to give away control to anyone. He’ll have to convince Brandon that he’s willing to change, because he can’t live without him anymore, cheating be damned. He needs Brandon to come home.


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