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Sappho in Violet and Gray by K.A. Masters

OUT NOW! Sappho in Violet and Gray by K.A. Masters

Sappho is one of the most popular and elusive figures of Greek myth and culture. Although more influential than Shakespeare and literally worshipped as a goddess, little is known about her life outside of the handful of poetry fragments that survived the ravages of time. Over the centuries she has been portrayed as a chaste schoolteacher, a lusty lesbian showgirl, or a lovesick poet who died pining for the handsome fisherman Phaon.

Here Sappho is an asexual woman who experiences the world with love, passion, and joy. The Tenth Muse isn’t a loveless goddess but a caring human woman with a life full of love and meaning.

For centuries, Sappho has been condemned for who she loved. But what if the love she held in her heart wasn’t physical? If the world’s most passionate poet asexual, does that make the love in her heart less real?


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Revolution by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Revolution by Deirdre O’Dare

Although she’s the daughter of landed Mexican aristocracy, Margarita Estrada believes the people’s revolution is in the right. When she meets dashing bandit general Carlos Montaña, she has even more reason to espouse the revolutionary cause.

Then Carlos crashes her family’s Twelfth Night fiesta and her life erupts in totally unexpected ways, bringing her innocence to a sudden end. Can Margarita protect her family from brutality and also live her fantasy as a revolutionary’s mistress?


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Miss Bea and the Blacksmith by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Miss Bea and the Blacksmith by Deirdre O’Dare

Bea McIntyre fell for an old scheme and ended up the mistress — or actually, the sex slave — of a dissolute rancher named Murdock. Escaping in the middle of the night with only a few small treasures, she has no real plan except to get away.

When her mare bruises a hoof, Bea winds up at the blacksmith shop of Angus O’Toole. All she can offer him for his help is herself, but he seems to be satisfied with that bargain.

When Murdock sends his hired guns after her, things get dicey. But Bea is no hothouse flower. Between her and Angus, they heat up the days and nights, yet will they also triumph over the black hats?


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Sisters of the Secret Conspiracy by Paris Dixon

OUT NOW! Sisters of the Secret Conspiracy by Paris Dixon

Desdra Von Cleef has a deep, dark secret, one which she has taken great care to hide from all but her closest comrades. But war soon envelops Georgia, and only when General Sherman’s Northern troops burn Atlanta and march toward Savannah, leaving a swath of destruction in their wake, does Desdra and her lonely, war-widowed “sisters” dare to reveal their true natures to save their homes.

When a squad of Yankees, under the leadership of the dashing yet ruthless Union Major Canaan Abbott Scarborough, arrives at Raven’s Peak to burn and pillage, they get a whole lot more than they bargained for from Desdra Von Cleef, the plantation’s owner, an alluring and welcoming Southern belle.

Instead of burning down the mansion, stealing Desdra’s many treasures, and taking liberties no gentleman would consider, the Yankees find themselves recruited into a secret confederacy — with Desdra and her “sisters in blood” firmly in charge …


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After Hopper by Georgette Gouveia

OUT NOW! After Hopper by Georgette Gouveia

Life hasn’t turned out like Connor McClure hoped. His relationship is over, he lost his friends in the break-up, and nothing makes him happy anymore. All he wants is to hide from the world, but the only place available to him is his parents’ home in the rural Michigan community he abandoned thirteen years ago. Since they’re in Florida for the winter, he’ll have the whole house to himself.

Except he doesn’t. In their absence, the McClures asked a young neighbor to look after the property. Jerry is young, energetic, and oh yeah, gay. From everything he’s learned about Connor, he might be harboring a little crush, but Connor is in no place for dating. Right now, he needs a friend, someone to help him remember that second chances are always possible …


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