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Separate Natures by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Separate Natures by Gordon Phillips

Garner returns from a trip home, a time-out in which to consider the offer made to him by the love of his life Alonzo, to undergo the Change and become a Vee like him. Garner has made his choice, to accept the offer, but he discovers Alonzo is missing.

Garner is staggered, realizing he doesn’t even know where Alonzo lives. He must seek him through his own abilities, being a sensitive, gifted with ESP powers. He discovers Alonzo is being held somewhere in the city, possibly by an unknown entity residing in the industrial park, which both Vees and their enemies, the Vee hunters, avoid.

Garner is thrust into a cardinal position, leading a force of Vees into this area to rescue Alonzo. He must confront that powerful entity, which calls itself the Caretaker, before he can rescue Alonzo, bringing his own resources to the test. Ingenuity, loyalty, and love challenge the status quo of power that exists hidden beneath everyday life in the city, where Vees, Vee hunters, and the Caretaker all struggle for survival. In such an environment, can love between a Vee and a Norm survive?


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Give It Away by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Give It Away by Gordon Phillips

Businessman Kyle is about to run for the bus when he is solicited by Robbie, a street prostitute. Momentarily distracted, Kyle stumbles and misses the bus, and when Robbie repeats his proposition, Kyle decides to take him up on the offer, mostly because he’s struck by Robbie’s beauty and directness.

In his vague desire to do something for Robbie, Kyle ends up hosting him when he arrives one evening at Kyle’s condo. Is Robbie just using him? Or is he out for something more?


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Call to Love by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Call to Love by Gordon Phillips

Garner working as a waiter at an upscale restaurant with a growing attraction to a man named Alonzo, who always asks to be put in his section for dinner. One night after work, the man is assaulted while trailing Garner. Garner goes to his aid, but is shot for his trouble.

Taking time off from work to recover, Garner is resting on a park bench when Alonzo suddenly appears at the other end of the bench. Garner never saw him approach. He asks why Alonzo is trailing him.

After some hesitation, Alonzo explains he wants to recruit Garner to help fight against others who systematically hunt people like himself. Garner isn’t inclined to get involved in anything dangerous, but he does finds Alonzo more and more attractive, so he agrees to consider the idea. As he learns more about Alonzo’s bizarre and dangerous subculture, what Garner really wants to know is whether Alonzo is romantically interested in him at all.


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Marooned with a Marine by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Marooned with a Marine by Gordon Phillips

Psychologist Neil is a civilian embedded with a division of Marines sent out as part of a peacekeeping mission overseas in the Pacific. When the local political situation erupts into open civil war, the American troops are ordered to evacuate. Neil escapes in a small plane, along with several military personnel.

The plane crashes into the sea, with only Neil and a Marine surviving. They’re swept over a reef and deposited in the lagoon of a deserted island.

As they work together to survive in the hopes of being rescued, mutual respect warms into friendship. But Neil’s feelings grow deeper, and he keeps them hidden from his companion.

How would the Marine react if he knew the feelings Neil harbors for him? Can what they share in isolation carry over if — or when — they’re rescued?


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Guest post by Gordon Phillips

Renegades from the Time War was written, in part, years ago. (I have, like many writers, I believe, a crèche of hundreds of stories, short-story to novel length, in various stages of completion.) Specifically, this story began with a scene that arose by combining two ideas.

The first was an image from Tolstoy’s War and Peace, in French-occupied Moscow, where a number of Russian citizens and soldiers are made examples of, being shot by firing squad. It is a brilliant if harrowing scene; particularly powerful is the depiction of a young Russian soldier who, even as he is being tied to the take seems confused about what is happening to him, to the point where he dies in that state.

The second idea was the conception of space-time portals as presented in Heinlein’s Glory Road, and how predatory villains without scruples use these portals to gain access to innocents: nubile young women or strapping youths, to have their way with them. Heinlein mentions such reprobates only to comment that such individuals are routinely executed when caught.

Curiously, I found the idea of the use of such portals to gain access to sexual partners very erotic. Yet I dislike anything to do with rape, since I abhor assault, sexual or otherwise. But couldn’t there be some situations in which such a visitation might be welcome?

My mind returned to that condemned soldier. His life couldn’t be saved by such a portal, since that would disrupt the time stream of history. But couldn’t he be offered one final sexual encounter, a satisfying release that might make his state of mind more accepting of his fate? This was the beginning of my story.

Initially it was a short story. But when several of my friends asked me questions about the sort of world that would lie behind this technology, I began developing Renegades from the Time War, in which there was a Time War, an idea I thought intriguing, and certain individuals who, being caught up in this war, wanted out — thus becoming renegades.

The published novella tells the story of two characters, from opposite sides of the Time War, who meet and fall in love, but then must face the reality of their situation. This allowed for a number of plot twists, and a satisfying story, I thought. But those reading it were also intrigued by the possibility of other stories set in the same world. One suggestion was to tell the story of two secondary characters, lovers in Renegades, Jamal and Enzo. Then there was the question of those high up in the hegemony of either side. How such individuals contributed to the onset of the Time War. What part did their passions play in this?

The Time War world, with its politics and technology, is rich in story possibilities. I am currently working on some of these, so that Renegades from the Time War is just one of a series of such tales. And, though it was first written, like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in the Narnia series it will not first chronologically in the Tales from the Time War.

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