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Grendel Rising by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Grendel Rising by Gordon Phillips

Grendel is a troll who comes up from the world below to find love. But the passage is hard, and it’s only with the aid of a human named Ken that Grendel survives. Ken, a successful, thirty-ish software engineer, lives peacefully in the suburbs with his dog Jake. Though six feet tall, Ken has always secretly dreamed of meeting a man bigger than himself. In Grendel he finds this desire met in spectacular fashion.

Grendel is attracted to Ken too, but before the pair have time to explore their feelings, an agent from the Federal Bureau of Geostasis arrives. He tells Ken the FBG have detected Grendel’s passage, which is a breach of security. They want to take Grendel into custody and send him to work in the mines. Ken defies the agent even though he knows it will lead to trouble. If Ken and Grendel are to have any possibility of staying together, they must find some way to elude these government forces.

A whole new world is opening up for Ken, who always viewed himself as a law-abiding person. He feels helpless, but Grendel has some ideas about how to elude the FBG and stay together.


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Separate Natures by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Separate Natures by Gordon Phillips

Garner returns from a trip home, a time-out in which to consider the offer made to him by the love of his life Alonzo, to undergo the Change and become a Vee like him. Garner has made his choice, to accept the offer, but he discovers Alonzo is missing.

Garner is staggered, realizing he doesn’t even know where Alonzo lives. He must seek him through his own abilities, being a sensitive, gifted with ESP powers. He discovers Alonzo is being held somewhere in the city, possibly by an unknown entity residing in the industrial park, which both Vees and their enemies, the Vee hunters, avoid.

Garner is thrust into a cardinal position, leading a force of Vees into this area to rescue Alonzo. He must confront that powerful entity, which calls itself the Caretaker, before he can rescue Alonzo, bringing his own resources to the test. Ingenuity, loyalty, and love challenge the status quo of power that exists hidden beneath everyday life in the city, where Vees, Vee hunters, and the Caretaker all struggle for survival. In such an environment, can love between a Vee and a Norm survive?


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Give It Away by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Give It Away by Gordon Phillips

Businessman Kyle is about to run for the bus when he is solicited by Robbie, a street prostitute. Momentarily distracted, Kyle stumbles and misses the bus, and when Robbie repeats his proposition, Kyle decides to take him up on the offer, mostly because he’s struck by Robbie’s beauty and directness.

In his vague desire to do something for Robbie, Kyle ends up hosting him when he arrives one evening at Kyle’s condo. Is Robbie just using him? Or is he out for something more?


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Call to Love by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Call to Love by Gordon Phillips

Garner working as a waiter at an upscale restaurant with a growing attraction to a man named Alonzo, who always asks to be put in his section for dinner. One night after work, the man is assaulted while trailing Garner. Garner goes to his aid, but is shot for his trouble.

Taking time off from work to recover, Garner is resting on a park bench when Alonzo suddenly appears at the other end of the bench. Garner never saw him approach. He asks why Alonzo is trailing him.

After some hesitation, Alonzo explains he wants to recruit Garner to help fight against others who systematically hunt people like himself. Garner isn’t inclined to get involved in anything dangerous, but he does finds Alonzo more and more attractive, so he agrees to consider the idea. As he learns more about Alonzo’s bizarre and dangerous subculture, what Garner really wants to know is whether Alonzo is romantically interested in him at all.


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Marooned with a Marine by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Marooned with a Marine by Gordon Phillips

Psychologist Neil is a civilian embedded with a division of Marines sent out as part of a peacekeeping mission overseas in the Pacific. When the local political situation erupts into open civil war, the American troops are ordered to evacuate. Neil escapes in a small plane, along with several military personnel.

The plane crashes into the sea, with only Neil and a Marine surviving. They’re swept over a reef and deposited in the lagoon of a deserted island.

As they work together to survive in the hopes of being rescued, mutual respect warms into friendship. But Neil’s feelings grow deeper, and he keeps them hidden from his companion.

How would the Marine react if he knew the feelings Neil harbors for him? Can what they share in isolation carry over if — or when — they’re rescued?


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