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Two Guys and Me by Eva Hore

OUT NOW! Two Guys and Me by Eva Hore

For my birthday my boyfriend Matt agreed to a threesome with another guy. I’d had this fantasy for years. When he selected his friend Brian, I not only got to experience having two men satisfy me at the same time, but I also got the pleasure of seeing them satisfy each other, too.


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The Price of His Redemption by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! The Price of His Redemption by Jamie Craig

Rescuing their missing third was supposed to be the difficult part. But Jesse Madding and Gideon Keel are learning their work is only beginning.

One month after her return to her normal life, Emma Coolidge seems to be healthy and well-adjusted from the time she spent captive in a hell dimension. Every night, though, reveals the depths of her trauma. She doesn’t dream; she sleepwalks. When Gideon catches her unconsciously searching for a book about dimensional magic, he knows that it’s time to put an end to her torment.

But Emma isn’t the only who can’t seem to adjust. Jesse doesn’t know how to handle his new powers when he’s with Emma. Gideon fears that neither of his lovers need him at all anymore. And always, there’s the fear Castelain will return to seize Emma, the prize she has already claimed as her own.


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The Magic Returns by S. Park

OUT NOW! The Magic Returns by S. Park

All the world changed in a single moment. Lives were ended, and even more lives disrupted. For magic had come back into the world, destroying all modern technology in an instant. And with the magic came elves, dragons, were-folk … and vampires.

Thomas is one of these, and one of the oldest, for he was there when the world changed. He has been alone for a long time. When a chance encounter leads him to Justin and Ian, a mated pair of werewolves, he finds that he may not need to be alone any more.

Justin, ever-curious, asks Thomas about the day the magic returned, and Thomas shares two stories from his past, describing the confusion and horror of the old world’s destruction, but also sharing the blossoming relationship he found amid the chaos.


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His Very Own by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! His Very Own by Jamie Craig

Adam Roper packs his car and leaves his home in New York City to start a new life in Miami, Florida. After a full day of driving, he stops in a small town to buy food at the local grocery store. He offers to help an old woman with her groceries, and before he knows it, he’s eating dinner at her home with her son and his wife, the two most attractive people Adam has ever met.

Scott Emerson and his wife, Sasha. Scott and Sasha once ran wild together, but settled down when they had their daughter, Colette. Now Sasha works as the town’s only doctor, and Scott spends his days raising Colette and struggling to write. Both of them long for a taste of their former lives, and they think a night spent with Adam will scratch that itch. But Adam is just more than a random one night stand. Can the three of them arrange a more permanent solution and give Adam a place of his very own.


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Armed and Amorous by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Armed and Amorous by Deirdre O’Dare

FBI profiler Kerry Satterfield feels she can never live down her mother’s sordid past. She pursues her chosen career with dogged determination that leaves no time for a life, certainly none for romance.

Then she gets a strange tip on her current case. She ends up prisoner of a man she hasn’t seen for over fifteen years before he hands her a most unorthodox means of breaking this case. If it fails, she’s in deep trouble. She may be anyway, because she finds Frank Ogden all too alluring.

Frank has cooperated with his stepbrother out of fear his mother will be killed if he doesn’t. He agrees to get the nosy FBI agent off Gary’s back, but he will not stand to see her hurt or killed. When he realizes she’s the girl he befriended when they were both teenagers, he can’t resist the opportunity to pick up where they had left off. Kerry is a hottie now even if she doesn’t realize it.

Then Kerry, Frank, and his friend Roy band together to bring Gary to justice. In the process they discover they make a great team, both armed and amorous.


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