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Roses, Romps, and Romance by Alexander Verlangen

OUT NOW! Roses, Romps, and Romance by Alexander Verlangen

Isaac and Cameron have one goal. They want to give Jackson the perfect Valentine’s Day in Paris. They’ve spent Halloween and Christmas together, but Jackson loves Valentine’s Day. His boyfriends will do anything they can to give him the best day possible.

Everything is thrown into chaos when a magical locket transports them hundreds of years into the past. They must navigate a Versailles ball, paranoid aristocrats, and lethal spies while trying to save their holiday. Can they survive while giving Jackson the perfect Valentine’s Day?


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Midwinter Marriage by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Midwinter Marriage by K.L. Noone

The Honorable Edmund Rookwood needs to get married. By Midwinter. Or his father will disinherit him.

Edmund has always tried to be a loyal son and dutiful heir — unlike his scandalous younger brother. But his father’s ultimatum seems impossible. Edmund has never fallen in love easily, and — according to his father — he’s a disappointment, inadequate, never good enough. Who would ever say yes to him?

Sebastian Melior, the Duke of Morinbrough, mathematician and inventor and Edmund’s best friend, offers to help. After all, Sebastian’s also unmarried, and they’ve known each other for years. So Sebastian’s proposal is a logical solution …

But this Midwinter marriage of convenience stirs up unexpected emotions. And Edmund and Sebastian just might discover they’ve been each other’s answers all along.


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The Painting by Pelaam

OUT NOW! The Painting by Pelaam

Stealing from a dragon is bad, getting caught is worse.

Kasper Cobalt is a thief who wants to quit, but his boss forces him to do one last job. He has, of course, heard of dragons, but he isn’t sure he believes in them until he’s standing in front of a guy who breathes smoke and has weird eyes.

Saxon the Sinful is bored out of his mind. Running a jewelry store on Dragon Row should be pleasing. He is, after all, surrounded by gold and gemstones. But he’s also surrounded by humans, and one of them has the audacity to try to steal from him.

After having caught Kasper, Saxon locks him up in his basement. He should kill him, and he might, but first he’ll feed him. He looks hungry. Kasper can’t hang around and play dragon’s prisoner even though Saxon takes great care of him. His boss will kill him if he doesn’t finish the job. Kasper is reluctant to betray Saxon, but a thief and a dragon can never have a happily ever after, can they?

NOTE: The Dragon’s Prisoner takes place on the same street as The Book Dragon’s Lair and Mated to the Fire Dragon but can be read as a standalone story.


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Forever After Box Set by J.M. Snyder

OUT NOW! Forever After Box Set by J.M. Snyder

Visit two very different worlds where love conquers all. Previously only available in paperback, Forever After combines two of J.M. Snyder’s most popular MM fantasy stories in which love prevails. Contains the stories:

Persistence of Memory: Five years ago Joah was culled — kidnapped by the government to be trained as a soldier. In the process, they erased his memory, destroying his past, his dreams, everything but his name. Armed with that alone, Joah escapes from the facility in search of someone to help him recall the man he used to be. That person is Tobin, Joah’s husband, who never gave up hope of finding him again.

The Regent’s Knight: Prince Amery is heir to the throne of Pharr. The royal advisers pressure him to take the crown and assume the throne, but doing so will force him to give up the one person he loves most in this world — Sir Tovin Raimus, from the southland. But when the castle is attacked, Amery must decide whether to take his rightful place on the throne or forsake his kingdom for the love of one man.


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The Secrets of Heaven by Reni Stankova

OUT NOW! The Secrets of Heaven by Reni Stankova

Sequel to The Enemy of Heaven

Raphael and Dante, the enemies of Heaven who committed regicide and ascended a new queen on the throne, have enjoyed five idyllic years hiding in the mountains. But, their sanctuary shatters when Archangel Remiel, one of the best investigators in the world, closes in on them, forcing the couple into a life on the run.

Meanwhile, Raphael stumbles upon a clue regarding his late mother’s enigmatic discovery — the ancient artifact that cost her life at the hands of her tyrannical husband. The clue leads him to the Holy Land.

Determined to honor his mother’s legacy, Raphael and Dante embark on a quest across three continents while avoiding Remiel’s pursuit and contending with old and new acquaintances, all eager to exploit their predicament for personal gain. Turns out, enemies of Heaven are very valuable. But ffighting the world is nothing their powerful teamwork cannot overcome.

But what will they find when they reach the Holy Land? Why does unveiling the secrets of the distant past threaten to unleash a cataclysmic force the world hasn’t seen since the Great War? And what does Raphael’s brother, Michael Azelys, have to do with everything?


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