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Love Turns the Page by Etienne

OUT NOW! Love Turns the Page by Etienne

Tom Foster has his life planned out, and he’s systematically pursuing his goals. At twenty-two, he’s been organist and choirmaster at The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd for three years, he’s working on his doctoral thesis, and he’s beginning a secondary career performing in concert. There is no room in his schedule for romance … until Noah Webster, a gorgeous green-eyed blond, walks into the church one evening to audition for the choir.

What starts as an arrangement of convenience — Tom’s usual page turner is unavailable, and Noah agrees to do the job-soon turns into a fast friendship. Then Noah, who is saddled with an obnoxious roommate, rents the spare bedroom in Tom’s house, and ultimately the two men become lovers and partners in life.

But before they can ride off into the sunset together, they must face one major obstacle: Noah’s violent, homophobic Southern Baptist father.


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The Prince Who Never Smiled by Pepper Espinoza

OUT NOW! The Prince Who Never Smiled by Pepper Espinoza

Many years ago, in a kingdom far away, there lived a young prince. This prince was very handsome, and everybody in the kingdom loved him. The prince, being a good man, responded in kind and treated everybody fairly. But, much to his father’s confusion and his mother’s disappointment, there was one thing the prince would never do — smile.

Finally, unable to tolerate his son’s dour expression any longer, the king sent out a decree. He dispatched messengers to every corner of his country, and runners to all the neighboring kingdoms. The first person to make his hard-faced child smile would earn the right to marry him.

Unfortunately for the king, things did not go as planned.


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Stormy Weather by Chrissy Munder

OUT NOW! Stormy Weather by Chrissy Munder

“Weather Guy” Grant Singer is determined to be in a committed relationship by year’s end. Tired of guys who only go out with him in order to get close to his more famous coworker, he signs up with an online dating service. No one ever claimed meteorology was sexy, but surely Grant can find someone to share his life with the help of technology. Too bad he’s more attracted to the waiter who serves them lunch than any of his matches.

Waiter Craig Brower is focused on finishing his degree in mathematics. He doesn’t have time for dating and couldn’t care less when a local television celebrity shows up in his section.

But Grant is a nice guy and soon Craig is all too invested in making sure he ends up with the right man by his side no matter how stormy the weather.


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So Far Away by Nell Iris

OUT NOW! So Far Away by Nell Iris

Engaged couple Zakarias and Julian are convinced nothing can separate them … until a global pandemic hits. Zakarias catches the virus with mild symptoms and isolates in the couple’s guest house.

The few meters dividing them might as well be the moon as he watches Julian, an ICU nurse, work himself to the bone, unable to support him the way he needs. Frustration and worry build as the weeks pass.

Will Zakarias be declared healthy before Julian burns out?


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Celebrations by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Celebrations by K.L. Noone

For two successful actors, the convention circuit’s part of the job, but for Jason and Colby, it’s a challenge.

Jason’s been a convention guest before. But he’s never let himself relax and enjoy it, too busy being an action hero to indulge his dice-rolling, fantasy-loving, science-fiction geek side. And Colby loves the idea of conventions, but has never been to one. He’s not comfortable with crowds and contact and demands, especially not these days.

But they’ve got a very epic, very gay, new fantasy movie to promote. So they’ll navigate panels and photos and excitable fans together. And at the end of the day, Jason can give Colby some much-needed comfort … and together they’ll discover how much fun this new adventure can be.


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