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Teach Me Tonight by Louise Czarnobai

OUT NOW! Teach Me Tonight by Louise Czarnobai

After six years of undergrad, Luke just wants to graduate university and get the hell out of Texas. He isn’t expecting to meet older, sexy Hardy, who is the embodiment of all of Luke’s dirty fantasies … and also his professor.

When Luke’s best friend takes him to the local BDSM club, he’s approached by a handsome, authoritative Dom who pushes all of his buttons. Hardy introduces Luke to the world of Domination and submission with a scorching hot scene that only leaves him wanting more. After their explosive weekend together, they part ways with plans to see each other again.

However, when the first day of classes comes, they find out Hardy is Luke’s university professor … and unwilling to jeopardize his job to be with Luke. Luke is stubborn and adamant in pursuing Hardy. Their relationship is forbidden and could potentially destroy Hardy’s career, but he won’t take no for an answer.

Hardy doesn’t do relationships, but Luke is determined to convince Hardy to train him as his submissive. The attraction between them is electric, and Luke uses that to the best of his advantage, trying to seduce Hardy into being with him. But each time Hardy rejects him.

How can they be together when Hardy is afraid of falling in love and getting hurt, and Luke is leaving the state once he graduates?


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Hidden Identity by Adam Carpenter

OUT NOW! Hidden Identity by Adam Carpenter

Jimmy McSwain is a New York City private detective, operating out of Hell’s Kitchen, the rough and tumble Manhattan neighborhood he grew up in. At fourteen, he watched as his NYPD father was gunned down.

Now twenty-eight, Jimmy has never given up his pursuit of whoever killed Joseph McSwain. But a PI must make a living, too, so he’s taken on the case of missing heir Harris Rothschild, whose overbearing father doesn’t approve of his “alternate” lifestyle. Tracking down Harris is easier than expected, finding him at a club called the Dress-Up. But the carnage that follows after he’s found creates new problems.

With a shocking fresh murder on his hands, and a threat coming from some unforeseen person, Jimmy’s caseload is suddenly full, and as dangerous as the streets he knows all too well. Good thing he has his family to fall back on, and a potential new love interest.


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He Got the Wrong Man by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! He Got the Wrong Man by Casper Graham

Ellis Collins doesn’t mind his parents arranging a blind date for him. When they insist the date should take place at the restaurant they own, Ellis agrees. Everything would have been okay if he hadn’t identified the wrong man as his blind date. He’s beyond mortified, especially when his real blind date arrives.

Braylon Larsen is initially annoyed because Ellis has mistaken another man for him, but when he discovers the stranger is Drew Vinson, one of his favorite authors, he quickly calms down. The three of them enjoy themselves. They even start hanging out together.

Drew is attracted to both Ellis and Braylon. It’s obvious Braylon is also interested in Ellis and Drew. Ellis doesn’t seem to reciprocate their feelings, but Drew isn’t sure because the man is a lot harder to figure out.

Will the three men find their happily ever after in the end?


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Convenient Nights by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Convenient Nights by Eve Morton

Danny doesn’t think much of working nights at the local convenience store. It’s just a job and a paycheck as he figures out what to do with the rest of his life.

Then Brad comes in. A shy, awkward man who buys a box of condoms and then bolts out again, Danny is pretty sure he’ll never see Brad again.

When Brad returns with a full box of condoms and a sad story of being stood up, Danny is pretty sure he knows how to make the night go right again.


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The Story of Silas by Chris Cole

OUT NOW! The Story of Silas by Chris Cole

Sequel to Everyday Vampire

My name is Silas. I don’t need a last name. I don’t use one except to establish a new identity in a new city. All part of being a vampire. I’m not complaining. I love my life. And there’s nothing that can make me change.

Until the man who turned me into a vampire forces me into a dangerous game of vampire politics, where we out vampires to the world slowly but surely. As I begin to live with a vampire family, I start to appreciate other things — like a local human grocer named Oliver.

I don’t know how this is going to end. I’ve lived for a long time, but I’ve never lived through a worldwide shift where people learn of the existence of vampires. Being the face of the movement makes one thing certain – the past is going to come back to bite me.

NOTE: This book contains extreme horror scenes that may be triggering. Reader discretion is advised.


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