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Slave to Shadows by Gavin Atlas

OUT NOW! Slave to Shadows by Gavin Atlas

Rafael, a gorgeous and promiscuous bottom boy, has always been the favorite of every top in his town. However, Rafael knows he won’t be young forever, and a part of him wants more than just night after night of giving up his rump to an endless array of men. Worse, a psychic predicted that if Rafael didn’t find love by the time he turned twenty-eight, he would never have anything more than meaningless sex.

When the eve of his twenty-eighth birthday arrives, Cavan, a mysterious and handsome stranger, strips Rafael naked at a popular club and abducts him. Cavan is the most dominant and talented top Rafael has ever experienced, but he even has more to offer. Cavan is a vampire, and he desires to make Rafael his eternal bottom boy. Cavan has the power to keep Rafael young, beautiful, and healthy forever, but he requires the one thing Rafael has never been capable of: monogamy. Will Cavan’s unstoppable lust and unceasing love make Rafael give up what he craves most for one man?


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La Playita by Gavin Atlas

OUT NOW! La Playita by Gavin Atlas

Jamie, a college senior from Pennsylvania, is nursing the wounds of a broken relationship. Alone on the beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica for spring break, shy Jamie spends his time writing his wildest fantasies in his journal.

But Jamie is a handsome and muscular young man, and when a mischievous Costa Rican waiter discovers Jamie’s deepest desires, the fantasies could become reality. But can Jamie overcome his inhibitions and surrender his body on La Playita?


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Trouble in Threes by Gavin Atlas

OUT NOW! Trouble in Threes by Gavin Atlas

Handsome Kurt Eden loves nothing more than the tiny art museum left to him by his aunt. However, the museum is decidedly unimpressive and losing money fast. Worse, college sex scandals have made him the center of unwanted attention in his remote, conservative town of Egbert, Texas. Furthermore, Kurt’s required to repay the owners of two artworks stolen from the museum or face the loss of his home.

When Max, a man Kurt has helped come out through dating app conversations, arrives in Egbert, Kurt is smitten. Max already knows the younger man’s fantasies, and he’s eager to satisfy them. But will Max’s secrets and surprises help Kurt find happiness with not one, but two men? Or will the town ruin everything?


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All By His Lonesome by Gavin Atlas

OUT NOW! All By His Lonesome by Gavin Atlas

Handsome young porn star “Scott Bottoms” is reeling from a double whammy — not only has he been kicked out of his master’s house, but the COVID-19 epidemic means he’s all alone with no job and no friends — so it’s hard to resist replying to an email from an ardent fan.

Still stuck in an employment contract with Scott’s former master, hot daddy Bill, has been forbidden to talk to Scott. But he’s been in love with the young bottom for years, and he’d do anything for the boy. When Bill offers more than just phone sex and friendship, Scott responds eagerly.

Would Scott still want Bill if he knew his new long-distance crush had helped his former master take advantage of him? Or will Scott remain all alone?


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Hurricanes and Rainn by Gavin Atlas

OUT NOW! Hurricanes and Rainn by Gavin Atlas

Rainn may fear tropical storms more than anything, but his love of flowers has landed him a gardening position on the Caribbean island of Dominica. Loneliness leads him to take tours with breathtakingly handsome local guide, Sam.

Sam is taken with Rainn, but not at all with the planned hotel where Rainn works as a gardener. Windemere Resorts is quietly destroying Dominica’s natural beauty, and now Sam and his friends hope Rainn will help them obtain information they need to stop the hotel from being finished.

Rainn wants Sam badly, but what if he’s being used? An out-of-season hurricane bearing down on the island makes his worst fear a reality, and now he must decide if he should break the law for Sam. Can he trust Sam with his heart and body?


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