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Riddle Me This by Georgette Gouvais

OUT NOW! Riddle Me This by Georgette Gouvais

In the near future, tech whiz Milo Warwick, an MIT grad student, is murdered, and the laptop containing his PhD thesis — a program and a hearing aid-like device that would think for you and recall your past if you couldn’t — is missing.

His best friend, rising tennis star and American “prince” Alex Darlington suspects Chinese espionage and interjects himself into the investigation, led by his godfather, CIA China Bureau chief Mitch Abramson.

But the more immersed Alex becomes in the investigation, the more he is drawn into the past and the world of Tamara Chen, the cool Chinese cultural attaché whose staging of Giacomo Puccini’s Turandot for China’s One World Festival may hold the key to why the opera-crazed Milo died and the whereabouts and password of his computer.


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Dance Until the World Ends by Davina Lee

OUT NOW! Dance Until the World Ends by Davina Lee

Lina and Arabel are just a couple of gals on the lower rungs of society’s ladder. Born into a culture with rigid caste system, all they want to do is find the next good party. Never in their wildest dreams would they suspect the survival of their island colony might rest on their shoulders. But things come to a head when the ever seething rebellion pushes the two women into the spotlight and into danger’s path.

With their own colony no longer safe, these best friends find themselves on the run, fleeing with only the clothes on their backs. Their journey into the unknown leads them to discover strange new lands, never before visited, some with even stranger inhabitants than their own. Will these newfound acquaintances prove to be friend or foe, or simply another temptation from the path?

Follow Lina and Arabel on a hero’s adventure of epic proportions at the far distant edge of humanity’s future. Sailing over the clouds, risking everything to do what is right for their people and their colony.


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Surviving the Apocalypse: Long Leggity Beasties by Tinnean

OUT NOW! Surviving the Apocalypse: Long Leggity Beasties by Tinnean

Sequel to Surviving the Apocalypse: Pandemic

Dark deeds are being done, and Jenn Canaday, a special agent with the FBI, has been assigned to look into them. This takes her to New Mexico, where cattle are being rustled and people are going missing — one of them the niece of the state’s governor.

Meg Parkinson is a sheriff’s deputy in the small town of Laurel Hill. She and Jenn had once spent a steamy week together, but then Jenn had sent her away, something Meg hasn’t gotten over, as reluctant as she is to admit it.

When Meg notices that the homeless camp on the edge of her town has become deserted, Jenn is brought into her vicinity to aid in the investigation. Will the former lovers be able to work together? Can they rekindle the flame that had once burned so brightly? And will they learn what’s behind all the disappearances without disappearing themselves?


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Artificial Heart by T.A. Creech

Artificial Heart by T.A. Creech is now available!


In a future where the United States is slowly rebuilding itself, Omega Travis Danten is a big city cop sent to a seemingly desolate city on the edge of the Waste. This desert is full of undesirables, and it’s only a matter of time before they wreak havoc. But, Omegas are always assigned Alphas, and his new partner’s job is to protect him.

But SdAI Alpha Virgil is not at all amused with the partner who chose him. Travis is willful and naive to the dangers a homicide detective faces here, and it makes Virgil’s job that much harder. And Travis, of course, is human and develops feelings, feelings that go beyond the rules about Omega/Alpha partnerships.

Travis and Virgil have to find common ground, find a killer, and find space for each other in their own hearts, even if one is artificial.

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