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You Make Things Better by Faye Worthington

OUT NOW! You Make Things Better by Faye Worthington

Beautiful and elegant Ellie Spire notices her best friend Alice Peatrunk isn’t happy these days. How can she be after losing her husband and son a year earlier? Life has become an unshielded and emotional blur for Alice as her grieving continues, even with Ellie’s help.

Alice currently resides with Ellie, a temporary arrangement until she can move into her newly-purchased condominium. Ellie’s romantically affected by Alice, though, and finds her more than kind, thoughtful, and extraordinary. Ellie watches Alice: reading, sleeping, and gardening, as summertime swiftly moves forward.

As Ellie’s tender and erotic emotions for her grieving guest heighten, she notes Alice relies on the next door neighbor’s abandoned dandelion garden for therapy. A week passes, then another. But something strange begins to unearth at the garden as the anniversary of Alice’s loss unfolds. Something unsettling, ominous, and troublesome occurs. Ellie notices Alice keeps digging and digging among the dandelions. But why? What’s happening at the garden? A single afternoon’s moment of necessary survival change their lives forever, but is it for better or worse?


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