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The Masque of the Red Devil by L.E. Thomas

OUT NOW! The Masque of the Red Devil by L.E. Thomas

When the kindly old lord dies mysteriously and his nephew Lord Antonio occupies the castle high on the hill, the peasant folk in the village below begin to fear him. There are rumours of strange practices and ceremonies, far removed from their Christian beliefs.

Once the soldiers come to collect their young, unmarried women to take part in these secret rites, the villagers are terrified, especially as some of the girls never come home.

Catrin is full of dread when it is her turn; however, she has a secret. Rather than being a maid, she and her swain Elis have plighted her troth and she suspects, to her joy, that she may be expecting their child.

This makes her all the more determined to survive her ordeal in the fortress, whatever that might bring, even if it means she has to resort to witchcraft and enchantment. Might her pact with the devil lose her everything she holds dear?


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Sorceress by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Sorceress by K.L. Noone

Lily learned magic from the last of the kingdom’s great sorcerers who disappeared a year ago, leaving her with a baby and with the responsibility of finding magical solutions for everyone’s problems. She’s overworked and exhausted, and not in the mood to have the king’s disreputable illegitimate half-brother knock on her door, demanding her help. But the king is ill, and the kingdom needs her … and the king’s brother might not be as dreadful as the rumors say.

Will knows his own reputation: the schemes for the throne, the plots and politics, the decadence of his bedchamber, and the lovers paid off with rubies. He’s worked hard on that reputation, after all — it ensures that he’s aware of all the Court intrigue, and can protect his kindhearted younger brother. He can’t protect his brother from a magical illness … but he can find the last powerful magician in the kingdom and beg for her aid. And he’ll promise her anything she wants in return …


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The Erotic Ghost by Temple Madison

The Erotic Ghost by Temple Madison is now available!

Dana is a 21st Century woman who doesn’t think in terms of carriages, chaperons, or calling cards. Then, one night during an electrical storm, she tumbles into her favorite historical romance novel. When she awakens, she finds a world full of images that are not real, a foreboding old mansion filled with magic tricks, and a dark, tortured paper hero who lives alone. Is he real, or is he a ghost?

He comes to her as a spirit, his voice whispering soft, enticing accents in her ear. His presence is a seductive wind,-a mist that fondles her. He wants to capture her, hold her close,-have her always to love. But how can he when he is no more than a figment of someone’s imagination?

Is there no way out for Dana? Will these lovers be imprisoned forever between the pages of this book, or will the closing of the last page rip them apart?


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