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Cloud Watching by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Cloud Watching by Eve Morton

Sequel to The Night Tour

Savannah Price does not want to deal with an old flame — especially before breakfast. When she sleeps late, and realizes the zoo her father owns has now begun its summer camp season, she dreads the reunion of her and Douglas Morris. Her first time, and also, one of her first heartbreaks.

Doug is taller, stronger, and far more handsome than Savannah remembers — but he’s also just as maddening. After he ropes her into a storytelling game with the campers, her nostalgia for the old times comes back in full force.

Only this time, when Doug offers to take her into the woods, she’s going to be the one leading.


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Dreams of Summer by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Dreams of Summer by Eve Morton

Grace Sutherland hates Christmas. Whether it’s her former evil stepmothers ruining the holiday for her, or her looming deadlines making her life stressful, all she wants to do this year is finish her latest book project and forget the fact that her father has now brought home stepmother #3. When her desperation for distraction takes her to the local gym, she’s surprised to meet a stunning, upbeat woman named Summer who becomes Grace’s incidental muse as she begins penning another novel all about the things she wishes she could be doing during a Summer-inspired vacation.

This Christmas will be the first without Summer Iverson’s father. Summer’s sadness is made worse when she can’t find the last gift her father gave her, a silly fish keychain that bore her name. The loss is made somewhat easier when the cute writer who Summer chatted up returns her flirtations and agrees to accompany her to the gym’s annual potluck. A date and shopping spree later — peppered with a half-dozen kisses — leads them to planning a Christmas date together, even if Summer has to work that day and Grace has to attend her father’s dinner with her hopefully not-so-evil stepmother.

As a storm rages and Grace is nowhere to be seen for their date, Summer begins to wonder if she was merely a muse for a holiday season. Is her sudden belief in Christmas miracles better left on the page?


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The Twilight Kingdom by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Twilight Kingdom by Eve Morton

Set in the All Cats Are Beautiful universe.

The Firmament Foundation has numerous vessels in deep space, but only one is on a secret quest to discover the divine. As the Droste nears its ultimate destination, things start going wrong. Very wrong.

Dr. Silver Ballard, a neurotic gay Jewish mess with zero astronaut training, finds himself in the unenviable position of deciding the fate of the mission. Can it be saved? Should it be saved? And if the gods of old are all powerful, does he really have a choice?


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The Night Tour by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Night Tour by Eve Morton

Savannah Price is looking forward to returning to her favorite summer time job: camp counselor at her father’s petting zoo and wildlife rescue center. Ever since her father’s death, the twenty-something has looked forward to revisiting the grounds and all the animals she’s come to love so much and know so well.

When she can’t sleep the night before the camp opens, she runs into Mike Cavanagh, a former counselor and know-it-all annoying goof who has now grown into a stunning man with insight into her father’s upcoming plans for the zoo. One of these plans was the “Night Tour” complete with night vision goggles, which Mike invites Savannah on.

The tour leads them both to some unexpected places, and Savannah soon finds herself thinking of Mike in a new way. Maybe knowing-it-all has some advantages, especially if Savannah reaps the benefits …


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Bound to Nature by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Bound to Nature by Eve Morton

Ashleigh Wilson has been fighting for animal rights since she graduated from university with a degree in Environmental Science. Between rallies, protests, and dumpster diving, she’s found a place for herself with The Green Criminals, a small but tight group of eco-warriors determined to put an end to environmental destruction and save many animals in the process. It also helps that the main leader of the group, a stunning and ever-so disciplined man named Ezra Monsoon, makes all her eco-efforts and flirtation over veggie burgers worthwhile.

When Ezra is captured after a protest goes wrong, Ashleigh vows that she will get him out. What should be an easy process of bailing Ezra out of the local jail goes awry when police inform her that it is the holiday weekend. Even with bail money, Ezra cannot be processed until Monday. And as Ezra tells Ashleigh in a one-on-one moment between the bars, Monday will be too late. When the full moon rises that night, Ezra’s decade long secret that he is a werewolf will be blown — unless Ashleigh can follow his very specific instructions and break him out in a matter of hours.

Luckily, Ashleigh is ready for the chance to prove her merits in this new supernatural underworld, and protect Ezra in whatever way she can. She just hopes, that once the moon is no longer full, he comes back to her — and only her — so they can make up for all the time they’ve lost, not knowing one another as fully as they could.


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