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Double Down by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! Double Down by Jamie Craig

Cass Davison is the woman of his obsession. She’s beautiful, bold, and his best friend’s girl. The last thing Patrick should do is challenge her in blackjack, and the last thing he expects is for her to agree to his terms.

If he wins, he finally gets a taste of her.

But if he loses … well, Patrick isn’t thinking about that possibility. Because he’s waited a very long time for this chance with Cass, and it’s worth risking everything he has to get it …


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A Touch of Lilt by Katharine O’Neill

OUT NOW! A Touch of Lilt by Katharine O’Neill

Julia got away from a boyfriend who picked another woman, his mother, over her. She just wants to celebrate Christmas without the stress of knowing she’ll be on the back burner. However, her ex doesn’t seem to get the message and won’t leave her alone. Doesn’t help that her hot neighbor makes her wish they weren’t currently in a pandemic.

Keith is bewitched by Julia. The attraction is strong, even more than his addiction for soda. He offers his help, hoping that Julia will lean on him. One night with her isn’t enough, and Keith wants more. But then he discovers that he’s going to get more than he bargained for when he finds out something Julia had kept secret …


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My Masked Mistress by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! My Masked Mistress by Jamie Craig

Nobody can hide their secret desires behind a mask for long …

Dante Frost is a very powerful man. The young CEO of Foster and Howe, he is forced to make several sacrifices in his public and private life. First and foremost, he can no longer frequent BDSM clubs where he is a devoted and well-trained sub. Dante thinks that life is completely behind him. Until the night of the annual Halloween masquerade party, when he meets a most captivating Mistress.

Noelle Farinas is a very driven young woman. When she is passed up for a much-deserved promotion at Foster and Howe, she immediately begins looking for ways to prove to Dante Frost that he made a mistake when he overlooked her. Her research leads her to Switch, where she learns of Dante’s history at the club. She hatches a plan to lure Dante to her at the annual masquerade party, but she never counts on enjoying her session with him.

And she certainly doesn’t expect Dante Frost to ask for a more permanent arrangement between the two of them …


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Journal of a Timid Temptress by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Journal of a Timid Temptress by Deirdre O’Dare

Midwestern college student Geri Wilcox is striving to gain education and experience in the amorous arts that were not available in her small farming community home town. Fate puts her in a class taught by Philippe Reynard, the sexiest and most exciting male she has ever seen.

Exercising all her admittedly limited wiles, Geri brings herself to the professor’s attention until, as both his public and private pupil, the lessons she desires are made available and exceed her wildest expectations. Fearlessly breaking taboos left and right, Geri forges ahead with her plan to become much more than a timid temptress …


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Chains of Jericho by Vivien Dean

OUT NOW! Chains of Jericho by Vivien Dean

Declan Jericho is a vampire with a purpose. His best hope for success rests on the shoulders of a brilliant young cancer specialist, but saving the undead isn’t exactly the career path Dr. Maya Sheldon has in mind.

When Dec kidnaps Maya from work, the last thing she wants to do is help him. Then she discovers what he wants her for — to develop a cure for the mysterious illness killing the young vampires in his care. Vampires or not, she’s unable to abandon them. Her interest in Dec quickly shifts from professional to something more intimate, but as their attraction grows, darker secrets threaten their newfound relationship. Dec has his own reasons for wanting the young vampires cured, and he’s not telling …


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