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Sugar and Spice by Temple Madison

OUT NOW! Sugar and Spice by Temple Madison

When she’s Sugar, she’s every man’s dream, but when she’s Spice, she’s his nightmare!

Dark nights and full moons mysteriously turn a beautiful white-haired beauty into a growling, voluptuous she-devil who dines on blood, flesh, and sex. She’s a dancer at the Rock Candy Club where she has her pick of men. By the time the evening is over, not one, not two, but three take the beautiful dancer to the parking lot for an evening of sexual debauchery. While she’s enjoying the hot feel of these hard bodies inside her, her sister Spice makes an appearance, and the parking lot runs red with blood.

Later she meets a mysterious, fair-haired stranger who falls in love with her. Used to having any man she wants at her beck and call, she wonders if this man can satisfy the raging sexual appetite of both her and her devilish sister, or if should she send him back to the hole he crawled out of … a hole called Hell!


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Drinker with a Writing Problem by Nickie Jamison

Drinker with a Writing Problem by Nickie Jamison is now available!

They say write drunk, edit sober … or get someone else to edit for you.

From the imagination of Nickie Jamison, these four short stories span different genres, but they all have one thing in common — hot lust and delicious romance.

Travel to a New York brownstone in “The Sorcerer’s Assistant” as a magical detective gets more than he bargained for while hunting a mischievous spirit. In the steampunk tale “Heart Stone,” journey to the center of the earth … and the center of desire.

”Saving Grace” is a high seas adventure full of pirates and passion.

And the view in the bedroom is pretty good, too, in the contemporary romance, “Penthouse.”


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The Erotic Ghost by Temple Madison

The Erotic Ghost by Temple Madison is now available!

Dana is a 21st Century woman who doesn’t think in terms of carriages, chaperons, or calling cards. Then, one night during an electrical storm, she tumbles into her favorite historical romance novel. When she awakens, she finds a world full of images that are not real, a foreboding old mansion filled with magic tricks, and a dark, tortured paper hero who lives alone. Is he real, or is he a ghost?

He comes to her as a spirit, his voice whispering soft, enticing accents in her ear. His presence is a seductive wind,-a mist that fondles her. He wants to capture her, hold her close,-have her always to love. But how can he when he is no more than a figment of someone’s imagination?

Is there no way out for Dana? Will these lovers be imprisoned forever between the pages of this book, or will the closing of the last page rip them apart?


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Riverboat Named Desire by Jovana

Riverboat Named Desire by Jovana is now available!


The riverboat Desire was once a floating bordello with a scandalous reputation, known all over New Orleans. It’s a ship that caters to hot, passionate ménage relationships as it follows the path of the moon along the romantic waters of the Delta. The Desire is a rich ship, and La Flame, a notorious jewel thief, is aboard to make the biggest heist of her life until her plans are interrupted by two of the sexiest cowboys she’s ever seen.

When she stands before them in quickly dissolving soap bubbles, she thinks they seem like nothing more than two drunken riverboat gamblers who want to make hot, passionate love to her. She doesn’t realize that, beneath their lace-edged shirts and diamond stick pins, breathe two rough-talking, rough-riding lawmen.

And she is their prey.


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Snowfall by Carolina Valde

Snowfall by Carolina Valdez is now available!


Sweethearts on the high school ski team, Riley and Jean-Claude always expected to marry and stay together forever. But as they become world-class skiers, they drift apart, and Jean abandons Riley.

Years later, Jean appears unannounced to train at the resort where Riley works. He’s still charmingly irresistible and physically powerful, and is the US’s hope for a second Olympic downhill gold. Once Riley herself expected to win gold, but a skiing accident dashed those hopes. Jean never sent any condolences, and he shattered her heart when he married — and quickly divorced — a skier she dislikes.

Anger and pain flare between them, and Riley ignores Jean’s attempts at friendship to insulate herself from further hurt. Yet the old longings and the love they once shared resurface. What will it take for her to come to terms with the past? Or can she?


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