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King for a Day by Paris Dixon

OUT NOW! King for a Day by Paris Dixon

What happens when two cherished childhood friends meet for the first time as experienced and knowledgeable adults? Mia Tate certainly finds out when sexy Seth Kingston shows up on her doorstep.

How can Mia forget that first innocent game of “doctor” they played at a tender young age, or the crush she had subsequently developed on Seth before his family moved thousands of miles away?

She can’t, and now that the boy-turned-man has returned to Savannah on business, she intends to make her fantasies a reality once and for all …


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Colette’s Savage Stallion by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Colette’s Savage Stallion by Deirdre O’Dare

Colette deEstaing has adored Gaston, the son of her father’s master of horse, since they were both children. Now grown, she must wed an aristocratic friend of her noble father’s. When her fiancé assaults her in the stable, a savage stallion comes to her aid and kills the dissolute marquis.

That’s when she learns Gaston has inherited the ancient gift of shape-shifting into equine form. Shocked and fearful, she urges him to flee before he is accused of murder or witchcraft. But first she must convince him to take her virginity in one magical night of love.


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News at 11 by Paris Dixon

OUT NOW! News at 11 by Paris Dixon

At first, driven and ultra-professional Savannah newswoman Tess Iverson has more than a few serious reservations about sharing the spotlight on her news show with a recently hired co-anchor, a young, inexperienced hot-shot from New York City.

Her reservations, however, swiftly redouble and become sheer panic when she meets the charming and drop-dead-gorgeous Yankee, Jared Cox, whose engaging smile, hypnotic eyes, and sculpted physique engender desires she has long suppressed.

And faster than she can say Welcome to the News at 11, Tess finds it impossible to keep her mind on business — or her hands to herself — even during the broadcast …


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Nellie’s Rogue Stallion by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Nellie’s Rogue Stallion by Deirdre O’Dare

Nevada-raised Nellie Campbell despairs of ever finding love because her father fiercely guards her chastity, keeping all virile men yards away from her. When she joins the hunt to capture a rogue stallion that has been stealing valuable mares from area ranchers, she soon learns Rogue Red is no ordinary horse. No way can she allow her father and the cowboys to kill or geld this magnificent creature.

To help him escape, she soon finds herself racing across the desert on the red stallion’s back, knowing there can be no return. All her father’s care to keep her pure will now be for naught because Rogue Red is also Steven Johns, descendant of a long line of shape-shifting were-horses. As a man he is even more gorgeous than he is as a horse!

Grief over the brutal slaying of his family has driven Steven to live in horse form for so long, his human side has almost been forgotten. Feisty yet charmingly naïve, Nellie reminds him there is more to life than leading his mares through the wilds while fighting off predators and angry ranchers. But will her father ever abandon the chase with the ultimate goal of seeing him rendered harmless?

It will take a tragedy and a heroic rescue to convince Jack Campbell that the right man for Nellie and the rogue stallion are both more than they seem.


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Morning Ritual by Paris Dixon

OUT NOW! Morning Ritual by Paris Dixon

When she rents an ocean beach house along the Georgia coast, overworked photographer Anastasia Hunter finds the peace and serenity she craves. Until she observes her next-door neighbor performing his morning ritual, that is.

Quickly she grows obsessed with the activities of the handsome stranger, and before long, her camera is back in action, capturing from afar every salacious moment for her personal viewing pleasure.

But what will happen when she meets him face to face? Will he discover her addiction to voyeurism? And if so, will he have her arrested, or will he retaliate in a different and pleasurable way?


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