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Christmas in Dresden by Edward von Behrer

OUT NOW! Christmas in Dresden by Edward von Behrer

Advertising executive Daniel Richardson is offered a huge promotion, though it means uprooting himself from his comfortable life in Manhattan and moving to Dresden, Germany. As he adapts to his new situation, he discovers what a delight it is to live in the gorgeous baroque city, though sometimes simply buying groceries can be a challenge.

At his local grocery store he meets an adorable something checkout clerk named Dieter. One day, on the spur of the moment, Daniel invites Dieter to dinner. There is something about him Daniel can’t quite explain, a comfort level between the two men that goes deeper than their causal interactions would explain.

While Dieter leads Daniel through Stollenfest, the centuries-old celebration of Christstollen on the first Saturday in December, he confesses he has often been able to see into both the future and the past. What Dieter tells Daniel goes against everything he has been taught to believe, but it oddly dovetails with a deeply upsetting experience he had in a museum shortly after arriving in Dresden. What does this bizarre revelation mean for the two of them?


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