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Transitory Identities by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Transitory Identities by Edward Kendrick

As an operative for Mitchell Security, Colt has spent much of his adult life being someone else. Presently, he’s undercover as a bartender at a strip club to prove that its owner is part of a sex-trafficking ring. On his way home late one night, someone tries to kill him. Only Sax Lowe’s fast actions save him — which would be well and good, if Colt and Mitchell didn’t suspect the whole thing was a set-up engineered by Sax as a way to insert himself into Colt’s life.

Sax is a freelance photographer who often uses his job as a cover while working for the FBI. If he hadn’t been following Colt, as part of his present assignment, he wouldn’t have been around to save his life. A fortuitous event as it gave him a reason to stop by the bar the Bureau suspected was the center of a sex-trafficking ring.

Things escalate when Colt has a chance to obtain the final proof he needs to bring down the club’s owner and the man’s cohorts. When Colt and Sax’s paths collide, again, the result is a surprise to both of them. Even more surprising, once the dust clears, is Sax’s suggestion they work off their tensions in bed. Things don’t go quite as planned, however … But then, that’s often the case for men whose jobs require them to be someone other than themselves.


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Saving Cory by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Saving Cory by Edward Kendrick

Cory, homeless after running from his abusive father, has survived the only way he knows how, on his knees in alleys, while trying to avoid the punks who prey on guys like him. After one attack too many, he decides to escape the city and heads to the mountains where he finds an abandoned cabin. There is only one problem; the cabin belongs to someone as he finds out when Mason appears.

Mason has taken over running the only bar in a nearby town when his father is felled by a stroke. After meeting Cory, he decides he wants to help him, first by bringing him food, then by hiring him to do chores at the bar. Ollie, an elderly local who is Mason’s friend and a regular at the bar, offers to let Cory stay in the spare bedroom at his house.

Cory accepts both offers in disbelief, for the first time feeling there is hope that his life will get better. While he is accepted by the regulars at the bar, he soon has problems with the town bully who spreads rumors that he’s a punk thief who will steal what he can from Ollie, Mason, and the shopkeepers.

Meanwhile, Mason and Cory are also dealing with their growing interest in each other, with Cory wondering if Mason can accept him, given what he did to survive on the streets. He prays he will, but only time will tell.


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An Assassin and an Artist by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! An Assassin and an Artist by Edward Kendrick

Marin Deschamps has led an interesting life for the past one thousand years. Born a shifter, and also a healer with magical abilities, he still would have died in battle if vampire Baptiste hadn’t turned him. Although his Sire didn’t approve, he became an assassin, working for nobles who needed his services. As the centuries passed, he plied his trade or fought in various wars until, in the late eighteen hundreds, he settled in Denver, where he used his impressive skills to protect those who needed them. Never once in all that time has he allowed anyone into his life — until now.

Tyler Campbell is an artist and a nascent author who is writing a book on the early history of Denver. While sketching the tunnels below the city to illustrate his book, he meets Marin, who is there for reasons of his own. Tyler is instantly drawn to the handsome, amber-eyed man. A man he has no reason to believe is anything other than another human, although humans are aware that supernaturals live among them.

Marin is appalled when his panther reveals that Tyler is his fated mate. Things get worse, in his opinion, when he needs Tyler’s help to stop a vicious gang of humans bent on destroying all supernaturals.

Will they be able to stop the gang, and if so, will Marin’s vampire half allow his growing interest in Tyler to become more? If he does, he will have to reveal what he is, which could destroy any hope that they might have a future together.


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Jealousy by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Jealousy by Edward Kendrick

It all began when Brock hired Pat McKenzie to become the newest employee of Moran Investigations. Neither of them expected it would be more than that until someone slipped a note under Pat’s apartment door warning him to stay away from Brock. In an attempt to draw the man out, they decide to pretend they are in the beginnings of a relationship that is more than merely boss/employee. This accomplishes two things. One, the man steps up his harassment, and two, what was pretend might become the real thing the more time they spend together outside of work.

If they’re going to stop the man, they have to find out who he is, and that may be more difficult than they anticipated. Can their budding relationship survive when the harassment escalates as the man attempts to force Pat out of Brock’s life, even if he has to destroy him in the process?


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Targeted by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Targeted by Edward Kendrick

Eddie is on the run after one too many ‘accidents’ that could have proven deadly. He has no idea who is causing them, or why, or how his adversary finds him again and again. After two years, he ends up in Denver, and decides that with yet another new identity, it might be safe to settle down, so he rents an apartment.

That leads to his meeting Jules — who owns a gay club and lives down the hall — as well as his friends. He soon finds out that Jules is not choosy about who he has sex with, but that he also cares about his friends. When Eddie opens up to him about being on the run, and why, Jules wants to help him. At the same time they start what Eddie is certain will be a casual sexual relationship, at least as far as Jules is concerned.

Between them, will they be able to learn who is after Eddie, with the help of Jules’ friends, and stop him? As they try, Eddie must also deal with his growing interest in Jules, who, he is certain, will never be willing to settle for having only one man in his life.


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