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Hayden’s Lucky Number by Drew Hunt

OUT NOW! Hayden’s Lucky Number by Drew Hunt

Hayden Marsh watches his local amateur rugby league team play every Sunday afternoon. He doesn’t understand the finer points of the game, but then he’s more interested in the finer points of the number 13. Kenny Jacobs is big, strong, and has an alpha male streak a mile wide — everything that Hayden desires in a lover. It doesn’t hurt either that Kenny looks drop dead sexy in his rugby kit on the field or his leather jeans off of it.

As Hayden’s father’s best friend, Kenny has been a part of Hayden’s life for as long as Hayden can remember. Because Kenny has always been an out and proud gay man, when Hayden began to realise his own sexuality, coming out to his parents was pretty much a non-event. However, tensions rise when Hayden announces his intention to date Kenny. His parents don’t like the idea of their son being with an older man who’s also a family friend. Kenny has his own reservations, too.

With so much stacked against him, will Hayden be lucky enough to win the heart of his number 13, or will he be shown the red card and be forced to admit defeat?


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Bobby and the Beast by Drew Hunt

OUT NOW! Bobby and the Beast by Drew Hunt

Bobby Simpson’s physiotherapy conference is cancelled at the last minute, so he’s forced to travel home earlier than expected. Being blind, Bobby requires passenger assistance at Leeds railway station in order to change trains. When this doesn’t arrive, Bobby sets off on his own, only to be told by someone on another platform that he’s about to fall onto the tracks.

Phil “Beasty” Beeston is about to catch his train when he sees a blind man near the edge of the platform opposite. He calls out, tells the man to stay where he is, and goes to the man’s rescue.

They both miss their train and Phil suggests going for a pint till the next train is due. As they drink, they talk. Phil tells Bobby he’s a builder and plays amateur rugby league for the Longton Lightning. He also confesses he’s ugly, which partially explains his nickname.

Bobby is more concerned with what a person is like on the inside, and what he’s learning about Phil, he likes. Phil’s work-acquired muscles don’t harm either. As he enjoys helping people, Bobby agrees to become the Lightning’s unpaid physio. The job has the added benefit of being able to interact with the hot if emotionally damaged Phil, both professionally and personally.

Phil’s life starts to turn around. He gets a promotion at work and his rugby playing improves. He puts this down to Bobby’s confidence in him. If only Phil had confidence in himself.

Can Phil’s and Bobby’s relationship continue to grow, or will it all come crashing down when Phil’s ugly past is revealed?


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Mr. July by Drew Hunt

OUT NOW! Mr. July by Drew Hunt

Wedding photographer Sam Crawford is commissioned to shoot a dozen amateur rugby league players for a nude calendar. Sam thinks Lee Dolby, A.K.A. Mr. July, is the sexiest one of the bunch but Lee is ill at ease during the shoot. Sam offers to take more pictures of Lee at home where the man is more relaxed and if anything, even sexier.

When Sam’s assistant calls in sick, Lee offers his help in photographing a wedding. Lee soon shows he has a talent behind the camera as well as in front of it.

Will things between the two men develop? Or be over in a flash?


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Key Lime Pie and Custard by Tim Mead and Drew Hunt

OUT NOW! Key Lime Pie and Custard by Tim Mead and Drew Hunt

Englishman Graham Knight wins a two week bus tour trip for two to Florida. After breaking up with his girlfriend and losing his job, Graham decides to go on the holiday by himself.

American Will Thomson also finds himself vacationing alone after his boyfriend dumps him for someone more exciting. Will’s woes continue when, partway through the tour, there’s a mix up over bookings and he’s forced to share a hotel room with the Englishman. The straight but good looking Englishman. And Graham also has weird tastes in desserts. It’s going to be a long two weeks.

But as Will and Graham spend time together, their feelings change. Is Graham as straight as he first thought? Suddenly the two weeks don’t seem long enough. Will what happens in Florida have to stay in Florida?


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For Pete’s Weight by Drew Hunt

OUT NOW! For Pete’s Weight by Drew Hunt

Pete Benson is not happy. He has a boring going nowhere job and to save money he lives with his grandmother because living with his homophobic parents isn’t an option. A knee injury meant Pete had missed the majority of the previous rugby season. His general unhappiness at life plus the enforced lack of activity resulted in his weight and his waistline ballooning, and his self-confidence plummeting.

Knowing he needs to make a change, a reluctant Pete agrees to accompany his friend to her weight loss group. Despite his friend’s reassurances, Pete fears he’ll stick out as the meeting will be full of women. It is, but there is one other man present … Bear. And what a man.

Pete is instantly attracted to Bear, who rocks the whole lumberjack look with his flannel shirt and tight jeans. The bald head and full beard only add to the man’s sex appeal. And those dark blue eyes … But a man like Bear won’t be interested in a fat lump like Pete.

The lost and hopeless demeanour Pete exudes speaks to something within Bear, but Bear is happy, okay, content, living the single bachelor life. However, Bear would swear BJ is doing his doggy best to push Bear and Pete together. Not that Bear objects. Those firm, strong rugby player thighs of Pete’s turn Bear on something fierce.

When it’s Man of the Year Award time again, will the group have a choice of who to vote for?


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