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The Seven Stars of Strand by Dove Spalding

OUT NOW! The Seven Stars of Strand by Dove Spalding

Sasha, a closeted British celebrity, seeks out the help of a detective named Kiran who is known for discretion in order to find his missing ex-boyfriend, Oliver. Sasha is forced to share very personal information that reveals more about himself than he would have ever admitted to under any other circumstance, and despite rocky introductions, Sasha and Kiran become friends. Fortunately, Kiran is not only understanding of Sasha’s sexual preferences but encourages him to keep doing what he loves … perhaps with Kiran himself.

The complicated nature of their relationship prevents them from being together until Kiran is able to complete the job he was hired for, but their patience wears thin and they grow close as the search for Oliver continues. The police get involved when Oliver is found, upending a secret that might ruin Kiran and Sasha’s new-found relationship. Will they stay together in spite of their formidable circumstances?


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Good Housekeeping by Dove Spalding

OUT NOW! Good Housekeeping by Dove Spalding

Arden Francis is a fifth-generation butler who has lived his entire life under the expectation that he will one day manage his own household staff. When he gets the opportunity to step out from his father’s shadow, he believes there is nothing he can’t manage.

Arden tends to cause conflict with his abrasive personality and short temper, but his billionaire boss, Jaime Montgomery, is quite the opposite. While Jaime is amiable and warm on the outside, Arden discovers with time he is just as inwardly turbulent as anyone else.

When Jaime takes a predilection for Arden that solicits activities far beyond the onus of a butler, Arden must choose between fighting for the career he’s been training for or the attention of the man who needs him. Arden struggles to find balance between professionalism and complete abandonment of everything he learned over two and a half decades of training.

His typically frigid exterior is threatened by the overwhelming warmth of his boss, and he finds himself at the point of no return, buckling under the weight of feelings he’s never had before.


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Lewis Klein, the Part-Time Sugar Daddy by Dove Spalding

OUT NOW! Lewis Klein, the Part-Time Sugar Daddy by Dove Spalding

Being late on rent is becoming a habit for Aaron Daniels as he struggles at university. While training for his ballet classes, he meets a man whose selfless actions make Aaron suspicious of his motivations.

Lewis Klein is a billionaire hiding under a humble disguise. His only goal is to give Aaron exactly what he wants, no matter the cost, but he’s afraid of appearing to buy Aaron’s affection. Aaron is worried about taking advantage of Lewis’s generosity, but his suggestive comments and physical hints betray his true desires.

Their attraction to each other is fiery, but insecurities hold them apart. As they walk the line between friendship and romance, can they put a label on their relationship?


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