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Nellie’s Rogue Stallion by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Nellie’s Rogue Stallion by Deirdre O’Dare

Nevada-raised Nellie Campbell despairs of ever finding love because her father fiercely guards her chastity, keeping all virile men yards away from her. When she joins the hunt to capture a rogue stallion that has been stealing valuable mares from area ranchers, she soon learns Rogue Red is no ordinary horse. No way can she allow her father and the cowboys to kill or geld this magnificent creature.

To help him escape, she soon finds herself racing across the desert on the red stallion’s back, knowing there can be no return. All her father’s care to keep her pure will now be for naught because Rogue Red is also Steven Johns, descendant of a long line of shape-shifting were-horses. As a man he is even more gorgeous than he is as a horse!

Grief over the brutal slaying of his family has driven Steven to live in horse form for so long, his human side has almost been forgotten. Feisty yet charmingly naïve, Nellie reminds him there is more to life than leading his mares through the wilds while fighting off predators and angry ranchers. But will her father ever abandon the chase with the ultimate goal of seeing him rendered harmless?

It will take a tragedy and a heroic rescue to convince Jack Campbell that the right man for Nellie and the rogue stallion are both more than they seem.


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Canine Cupids for Cops by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Canine Cupids for Cops by Deirdre O’Dare

Four of Deirdre O’Dare’s best-selling M/M romances in one box set!

Love and lust can strike at totally unexpected places and inopportune times. When two strong men fight a powerful attraction that slips up on them, sometimes a loyal and loving canine cupid needs to take matters in his or her paws to make it happen for a stubborn master!

Contains the stories:

A Cop and a Con: When a cop and a newly released convict cross paths, few cons can expect anything positive. Ike Hernandez meets a cop who seems different. Can he trust kindness to continue? Perry Parker became a police officer to help people. Could the man he picked up one stormy night be one?

Dogjacked: Travel writer Trek stops in a small New Mexico town for gas only to have his car and dog stolen while he’s in the quick stop. Officer Dan is a country boy at heart, and shy when he isn’t able to hide in his uniform. Dashing and urbane Trek fascinates him. Does he dare to hope that Trek may pass his way again?

Saved By Sam: When K9 officer Craig Rommel and his partner Samson burst into the club where Roy Dunham tends bar, he admires the officer but finds him overbearing. Then the team saves him from drug-driven violence. After he tends their gunshot wounds, he begins to adjust his impression. Soon he’s trying to get to know them both much better.

Schnickelfritz in Love: When Snick meets Athena, its love at first sight for the feisty miniature Schnauzer and the dignified greyhound. Electrician Jake and detective Boz, the dogs’ masters, are not as readily enamored but when forced to work together on a complex theft case at Jake’s work site, danger and proximity combine to work aphrodisiac magic.


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Randi’s Hellacious Adventure by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Randi’s Hellacious Adventure by Deirdre O’Dare

Scottsdale, Arizona, princess Randi O’Neal, depressed over her lackluster love life, is heading home from a shopping trip when a monster truck demolishes her little sports car. When she awakes, she’s in a strange place, even hotter than familiar Arizona summers, where she meets an out-of-this-world sexy mentor.

While on this weird near-death experience, can she learn enough sexy tricks to fire up her staid MD fiancé and get the erotic thrills she craves?


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Paint a New Scene by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Paint a New Scene by Deirdre O’Dare

Young widow and artist Keely must reinvent her life after her husband’s sudden death. Her first step is to move to a new town.

When her landlady hires a couple of itinerant painter-handymen to refurbish the house, Keely begins to awaken from her grief-spawned isolation. Inspired by the two good-looking workers, she explores a new focus for her art and discovers the exotic pleasures of a ménage for the first time.


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Journal of a Timid Temptress by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Journal of a Timid Temptress by Deirdre O’Dare

Midwestern college student Geri Wilcox is striving to gain education and experience in the amorous arts that were not available in her small farming community home town. Fate puts her in a class taught by Philippe Reynard, the sexiest and most exciting male she has ever seen.

Exercising all her admittedly limited wiles, Geri brings herself to the professor’s attention until, as both his public and private pupil, the lessons she desires are made available and exceed her wildest expectations. Fearlessly breaking taboos left and right, Geri forges ahead with her plan to become much more than a timid temptress …


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