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Dance Until the World Ends by Davina Lee

OUT NOW! Dance Until the World Ends by Davina Lee

Lina and Arabel are just a couple of gals on the lower rungs of society’s ladder. Born into a culture with rigid caste system, all they want to do is find the next good party. Never in their wildest dreams would they suspect the survival of their island colony might rest on their shoulders. But things come to a head when the ever seething rebellion pushes the two women into the spotlight and into danger’s path.

With their own colony no longer safe, these best friends find themselves on the run, fleeing with only the clothes on their backs. Their journey into the unknown leads them to discover strange new lands, never before visited, some with even stranger inhabitants than their own. Will these newfound acquaintances prove to be friend or foe, or simply another temptation from the path?

Follow Lina and Arabel on a hero’s adventure of epic proportions at the far distant edge of humanity’s future. Sailing over the clouds, risking everything to do what is right for their people and their colony.


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Guest post by Davina Lee

Hook ‘em! And reel ‘em in.

Hello gentle reader. Davina Lee here, taking over the JMS blog. Today, I want to use my five-hundred words to discuss “the hook.”

What is this hook?

The hook is what catches your reader’s attention and makes them want more. It’s that invaluable first impression. Done well, it keeps the pages turning. Done poorly, and the book is set aside to collect dust.

Here’s a few examples of hooks I’ve used:

“Oh Mistress, I love your fingers in my pussy!” — From Girl Friday (on Literotica under my WaxPhilosophic pen name).

“I was raised by my maternal grandparents, after my mother proved she wasn’t up to the task by bleeding out all over their guestroom bed.” — From The Future in Our Stars (a JMS Books Publishing Partner release).

“In the beginning there was the Great Tree, the tree that existed long before the hands of time were set in motion, and longer still than even the most distant relations of humankind had crawled forth from the primordial ooze to stand upright and walk upon the land.” — From Dance Until the World Ends (Coming in September from JMS Books).

These are the first lines from three very different types of stories. My hope is that each one of these lines reached out, grabbed you by the collar and screamed, “This is what kind of story I am. Read me, dammit!”

The first: Dominance and submission hinted at by the word Mistress. A female/female relationship. Lots of hot action by the way she’s carrying on about being stimulated.

The second: You may have to guess the genre from the title, but the first line should have you sitting up in your seat, saying, “Oh, my!” and wondering just what happened.

The third: With all the mystic stuff about The Great Tree, you might guess some sort of fantasy. You would be correct. Just a bit later, the first line of chapter one reads, “A bomb blast rumbled in some distant tunnel — the third one this week.” With these two sentences, you’d better be thinking Dystopian Fantasy, or I haven’t done my job.

Do your hooks have to be this intense and right up front? No. But, don’t spend too much time wandering around the garden before you find the corpse in the flowerbed (if murder mysteries are your thing.)

Your readers’ time is precious. Don’t make them wade through one-hundred pages to decide that the book is interesting.

“But what about [insert your favorite classic novel here]?” you ask. It meanders all over the place.

The key word here is classic. You’re reading it based on its proven popularity. Until you get to that point in your writing career, you’re just another genre fiction writer, cranking out pulp novels.

And that’s fine. Embrace it. Genre fiction pulls in a lot of money. So suck those readers in with your finely crafted hook. Plant a seed in their head that they can’t shake loose until the final chapter. Keep those pages turning.

Hook ‘em! And reel ‘em in.

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The Future in Our Stars by Davina Lee

OUT NOW! The Future in Our Stars by Davina Lee

The Future in Our Stars is a trio of stories that explore the idea of romantic relationships between humans and artificially created lifeforms.

Follow the narrator as she discovers her repair mission for an AI asteroid miner is actually a ploy to borrow her body for a romantic encounter.

Spend the holiday with Sally, an artificially created human and her naturally born lover.

Then take a trip into orbit to learn how it all ties together with a mysterious deep salvage find.


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Miss Baxter’s Girls: Hilary the Au Pair by Davina Lee

OUT NOW! Miss Baxter’s Girls: Hilary the Au Pair by Davina Lee

The year is 1982. Duran Duran tops the charts, the internet isn’t a thing yet, and young Hilary Baxter is employed as an au pair halfway around the world. Her charge Hasiba happens to be a beautiful, exotic woman nearly her own age, and heir to the throne of her tiny island nation. Hilary’s only job is to keep her out of trouble.

After some time on the local party circuit, Hilary discovers keeping Hasiba out of trouble may not be as easy as it first seemed. To make matters worse, Hilary finds herself falling in love with her charge, while all Hasiba seems to be interested is flirting with the eligible bachelors on the island.

Things come to a head one night when Hasiba’s partying takes her too far. Hilary steps in with her own special set of rules — and punishments — to correct a situation that’s gotten out of hand. But will Hasiba accept Hilary’s new, sterner stance? How will an heir to the throne take to being disciplined? And will Hilary’s feelings for Hasiba allow her to do what needs to be done?


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Miss Baxter’s Girls Book 4: Maimoona the Gift by Davina Lee

OUT NOW! Miss Baxter’s Girls Book 4: Maimoona the Gift by Davina Lee

Miss Baxter’s boarding house is off to a shaky start when a mysterious young woman appears, out of the blue, on her doorstep. Maimoona says she is a gift sent by her mother, Miss Baxter’s former lover. The resemblance is uncanny, as is the kinky sexual appetite.

Moona insists upon addressing Miss Baxter only as Mistress, and expresses a not to subtle interest in being educated in the same way as her mother. But, considering herself retired from the dominatrix business, Miss Baxter decides to play matchmaker instead, and pairs Moona with Jessica, a sociology student in her boarding house.

It’s lust at first sight with Jessica and Moona, and with Miss Baxter’s help, they begin to explore each other’s kinky side as Moona confesses her alien abduction fantasy. If you enjoy your kink served up with a generous helping of love and tenderness, this is the story for you.


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